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Many people wonder why development is slow on our plugins. Many of the developers have work, school or both to work around. We are also working on a iOS app that takes some of our times. We apologize for the delay between releases but we are working hard to make sure these plugins work as well as managing our real world lives and the development of our iOS app.

Plugin Updated

Updated to 1.5.2 sadly this version includes a massive bug :( We are working to fix it though :)


Tired of static prices? You want to bring some realism to your item shop using dynamic prices?
DynamicShop offers you a highly configurable price system, based on demand and supply. You can also disable price changing of course.
With the newer versions you get also the ability not only to trade with a global shop, but also from player to player.
Customizable signs get things easy and statistics offer you a good overview.
All major economy and permissions plugins are supported using Vault, which has to be installed.


  • Buy and sell items ingame via easy commands or signs
  • Prices change dynamically (Demand and supply, you can choose speed and form of changing or disable it completely)
  • Trade with a global shop or from player to player
  • Supports all major economy plugins using Vault
  • You can use your own names for the signs and materials
  • Statistics
  • Many individual configuration options for every item
  • Permissions support (Very detailled)
  • Buy-/Selltaxes can be granted to a tax account
  • Limit the amount of items per transaction
  • Shop opening times in Minecraft ingame or real time
  • Ingame list of all items and prices
  • Except buy and sell every command can be entered in the console
  • Quick commands
  • If you purchase something on your absence, the items will be saved and granted you on the next server join
  • Nothing is case-sensitive
  • Checks your inventory, so you can't buy, if your inventory is full
  • Many special functions for signs
  • A lot of specific error messages, instead of internal errors

Check out the Troubleshooting before posting tickets!
If you have a problem, please submit a ticket and NOT a comment!


Commands & Permissions
Files & Configuration
How to use signs

Available items can be found here.

This plugin was founded and coded by SchwarzerZylinder. On March 2012 it was completely moved to dmitchell94 and his developer team.


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