Version 1.46

  • Updated to Bukkit build 1.2.3-R0.1

Version 1.45

  • fixed bug with coloured names
  • removed colours of all messages shown in the console
  • added help command
  • added quick command for buy and sell

Version 1.44

  • fixed permissions
  • fixed sell taxes
  • fixed player shops
  • prices on signs will be shown for all items, not for one
  • fixed identifiers
  • added setall command
  • added price linking
  • internal reworking

Version 1.43

  • fixed bug on config version check
  • fixed price change bug on purchase
  • fixed bug on item list
  • signs are now working even if the shopowner isn't online
  • changed economy API from Register to Vault
  • now supporting all major permissions plugins additionally to superperms
  • internal reworking

Version 1.42

  • fixed wrong amount and material on signs

Version 1.41

  • fixed available-option for items
  • added command to show admin commands ingame
  • added option in config whether unavailable items should be shown in the item list
  • removed air from tradable items, due to Bukkit inventory bugs

Version 1.4

How to upgrade from 1.3x to 1.4

  • buy taxes (additionally to sell taxes)
  • taxes can be granted to an account
  • Individual trade limits for all items (+ unlimited permission)
  • Checking whether an item amount > 0 was entered
  • Colour codes for identifiers
  • Individual min/max prices for all items
  • shop opening times (can be set in minecraft ingame time or real time)
  • ingame list for all items with prices

New commands:

  • for taxes
  • save/reload command for the config
  • item list


  • Whole new config: Includes all values for items; checks version; contains a huge read-me
  • Eased up the file system a lot, now using only four files.
  • Restructured permissions

Version 1.34

  • Reduced permissions

Version 1.33

  • Bug fixed: Prices don't get 0 if the transaction wasn't executed properly.

Version 1.32

  • Permissions fixed

Version 1.31

  • Materials for the global shop are now stored in a new file named GlobalSigns.txt, so the NullPointer for items with long names is fixed
  • NullPointer on BLOCK_BREAK fixed

Version 1.3

  • Whole new file system
  • Improved giving of items (Max. item stack sizes are considered now)
  • Identifiers
  • Player Signs
  • New Configuration
  • Statistics
  • Internal round-off errors are fixed, so the price can never get 0
  • Rewrote tons of code again, again and again
  • Except buy and sell you can use all commands from the console now
  • Nothing is case-sensitive
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.21

  • You can use item ids on signs now
  • Checks your inventory before transaction, so you can't buy something if your inventory is full
  • Inventory will be updated after every transaction
  • Added sell taxes

Version 1.2

  • Signs to buy/sell
  • Expanded permissions: for each item, buying/selling, creating signs
  • Added prototype for statistics (Does nothing for now, will be used in 1.3)

Version 1.1

  • Added all items in the game (not only gold ingots)
  • Prices for each item
  • You can disable changing prices, so they are constant
  • Added some more commands
  • Permissions support

Version 1.0

  • Initial release


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