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DolphinSpleef - Advanced Spleef Plugin

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Features & Info

DolphinSpleef is an advanced, easy-to-use Spleef plugin, Perfect for every server out there!
It requires WorldEdit to set the arenas, and WorldGuard (or anything similar) to protect them.


  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to understand for your server's players
  • Permissions
  • Power Items (Explained below)
  • Lots of configurable settings
  • Updated frequently



How to use

Setting up an arena

Deleting an arena

To delete an arena, Type /Spleef delete <ID>.
NOTE: It will be gone forever. :(

Creating an arena

To create an arena, Type /Spleef create.
It will create an arena and give you the ID of it.

Setting the floor

Once an arena is created, you need to set the "spleefing floor" for it.
To do this, select the area (including the Y-axis) of all the blocks you want to be in the destroy range using WorldEdit, and type /Spleef setfloor <ID>.

Setting the breakable blocks

Now you need to set which blocks may be destroyed by players in-game.
Type /Spleef setfloorblocks <ID> <Breakable blocks>.
For example, you can do either the block ID's or Material names, seperated by a comma (So like diamond_block,46,mycel would be Diamond blocks, TNT and mycelium can be destroyed).

Setting the spawn points

You need to set the locations players get teleported to. It is set by where you are standing, and where you are looking.
Do /Spleef setspawn <ID> to set where the players get teleported to when they join a game.
Do /Spleef setgamespawn <ID> to set where the players get teleported to when the game begins.
Do /Spleef setlosespawn <ID> to set where the players get teleported to when they lose or leave the game.
Do /Spleef setwinspawn <ID> to set where the winner gets teleported to.

Protecting the arena

To protect the arena from griefers, you NEED a world protection plugin, like WorldGuard.

Players required

This will set the minimum number of players required for the arena to begin.
/Spleef setminplayers <ID> <Min Players> will set this.

Maximum Players allowed

This will set the maximum number of players (By default 35) that there can be in an arena at one time.
/Spleef setmaxplayers <ID> <Max Players> will set this.

Fall distance

This will set how many blocks you fall before you fall out of the arena (By default 3).
/Spleef setfall <ID> <Fall Distance> will set this.

Ready block

The ready block is what players can punch to tag them as 'ready' for the game to start.
To set this, type /Spleef setreadyblock <ID> <Block>. The block can be either the ID or the item name. (57 would be the same as diamond_block)

Block break effect

This will set if blocks show the breaking particles when broken (By default enabled).
It is useful to turn this off if there are lots of players (which may cause client lag), or if the arena has breakable blocks like wool, which, unfortunately, Bukkit can't handle, so only shows white wool breaking, not the actual colour of the block.
/Spleef enablebreakeffect <ID> will enable this.
/Spleef disablebreakeffect <ID> will disable this.

Reward prizes

Rewards will be given to the player when they win a game.
To set economy rewards, you need to have Vault installed.
To set an economy reward: Type /Spleef setrewardcash <ID> <Cash> to set the cash won.
To set an item reward: Type /Spleef setrewardprizes <ID> <Prizes>. The layout for the prizes is: ID:SUBID:AMMOUNT, so to make the reward 8 iron ingots and 4 red wool, we would possibly do iron_ingot:0:8,35:14:4

Power Items

Power items (Disabled by default) are an additional feature, to make the game more exciting.
Power items (Which can be set), when right clicked on a block, will cause an explosion of a set radius (By default 6) to appear in the floor on that layer. The item will disappear into thin air after every use.

/Spleef enablepoweritems <ID> will enable them.
/Spleef disablepoweritems <ID> will disable them.
To set the items which can be used as power items, type /Spleef setpoweritems <ID> <Power Items>. For example, you can do either the item ID's or Material names, seperated by a comma (So like diamond,269,iron_ingot would be Diamonds, Wooden shovels and Iron ingots that can be used as power items).

Arena Management

Enabling or Disabling arenas

To enable an arena, type /Spleef enable <ID>. The arena must be configured correctly, or it wont allow you to enable it.
To disable an arena, type /Spleef disable <ID>.

Starting an arena

Arenas can start one of two ways:

  1. A 'ready' system
    A player will get tagged as ready when they type /Spleef ready, or punch the block specified. The arena will only start once all the players in the arena are tagged as ready, and there is over the minimum ammount of players.
  2. A command system
    To start the arena the player is in, type /Spleef start.
    To start an external arena, type /Spleef start <ID>.
    There must be the required minimum ammount of players for the arena to start.


Note: You need the dolphinspleef.manageArenas permission to create signs.

Single signs:
For a single sign, put this into a sign

Large signs:
To make these, make a row of signs, select them all with a WorldEdit axe and type /Spleef setsigns ID

Commands n' stuff

User Commands
  • Join an arena - /Spleef join <ID>.
  • Leave the current arena - /Spleef leave.
  • Spectate an arena - /Spleef spectate <ID>.
  • Be tagged as ready to start - /Spleef ready.
  • See what players are ingame, and who is ready - /Spleef list (ID) (When in a game, unless the ID is specified).
  • See which arenas are enabled - /Spleef list (When not in a game).
Used for: Used to manage and setup arenas.
Default: OP.
Used for: To start the arena the player is currently in.
Default: OP.
Used for: To join a game.
Default: Yes.
Used for: To spectate a game.
Default: Yes.


This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

  • A unique identifier
  • The server's version of Java
  • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
  • The plugin's version
  • The server's version
  • The OS version/name and architecture
  • The core count for the CPU
  • The number of players online
  • The Metrics version

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.


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