CookMe - 'Cause raw food ain't good

Version v4.0.0




This plugin adds some realism and fun to your gameplay!
If you try to eat raw food a random effect will appear (controlled by percentages).
Comes with a config, permissions & commands.
Affects every configured food item!







Control now the percentages! 0.00% means disabled!
With a percentage of 6.25% one of these effect will occur when you eat raw (or other) food

  • You will get some random damage
  • You will get poisoned (like a Cave Spider bite)
  • Your foodbar will get poisoned
  • Your hunger increases (the bar decreases ;))
  • You will get confused (portal effect)
  • You will get weak (not as powerful as before)
  • You will get blind (black fog/smoke around your head)
  • You will mine slower
  • You will get slower (movement)
  • Magic damage (random damage)
  • Refusing of raw food
  • The poison of the wither occurs
  • You are unlucky
  • You fly up high in the air (levitation)
  • You feel a bad omen (triggers a raid when the player is in a village)


  • Permissions & Commands for an easy administration
  • Control the time of an effect! And a cooldown, too!
  • Disable vanilla poison of RottenFlesh and raw chicken
  • Control the strength of an effect yourself or let the dice decide

Third party features, all of them can be disabled
Please take a look at the detailed information about bStats below!

  • bStats for usage statistics




# For help please refer to
configuration: # Should permissions be used? permissions: true # Display a message when eating? messages: true # The minimum and maximum duration of the effect in seconds duration: min: 15 max: 30 # Cooldown in seconds, how long the player is safe before the next effect happens. cooldown: 30 # Should /cookme debug be enabled (modifies the food level) debug: false # Should the vanilla poison from raw chicken and rotten flesh be prevented if the player has the permission preventVanillaPoison: false # Should the effect strength be random or controlled from below (also called amplifier) randomEffectStrength: true # The percentage for each effect. Make sure all together are exactly 100! 0 means disabled! effects: damage: 6.25
death: 6.25
venom: 6.25
hungervenom: 6.25
hungerdecrease: 6.25
confusion: 6.25
blindness: 6.25
weakness: 6.25
slowness: 6.25
slowness_blocks: 6.25
instant_damage: 6.25
refusing: 6.25
wither: 6.25
levitation: 6.25
unluck: 6.25
bad_omen: 6.25 # Put a number here for the strength of an effect, only used when randomEffectStrength is false effectStrength: venom: 8 hungervenom: 8 confusion: 8 blindness: 8 weakness: 8 slowness: 8 slowness_blocks: 8 instant_damage: 8 wither: 8 levitation: 8 unluck: 8
bad_omen: 8 # Add your own stuff here, IDs are supported, too! food: - BEEF



Commands & Permissions

If the config value permission is set to false, all people can use the commands!
If no permission system is found, all commands are for OPs only! (as long as permissions is set to true)
Of course the console can use the commands, too!


Description: No effects will appear, if a player has got this permission


/cookme reload
Node: cookme.reload
Description: Reloads the config


/cookme help
Description: Displays the help


/cookme set <effect> <percentage>
Node: cookme.set.<effect>
Description: Sets the percentage for the specified effect


/cookme enable permissions
Node: cookme.enable.permissions
Description: Enables the permissions!


/cookme enable messages
Node: cookme.enable.messages
Description: Enables the messages!


/cookme disable permissions
Node: cookme.disable.permissions
Description: Disables the permissions! ALL players can use the commands!


/cookme disable messages
Node: cookme.disable.messages
Description: Disables the messages!


/cookme set cooldown <value>
Node: cookme.cooldown
Description: Sets the cooldown value in seconds


/cookme set duration min <value>
Node: cookme.duration
Description: Sets the minimum duration value in seconds


/cookme set duration max <value>
Node: cookme.duration
Description: Sets the maximum duration value in seconds


/cookme debug
Description: If debug is enabled, reduces food level and all effects for testing usage


Of course you can use something like cookme.* or cookme.enable.*



Downloads/Source Code/Dev Builds

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. (Latest dev builds/bleeding edge builds) - - Dev builds from Jenkins (Source code hosted on Github) - - Source Code



Future Plans (a.k.a. ToDo)

  • None at the moment


Known Bugs

  • None at the moment




Version 4.0.0

  • updates bStats version
  • raises API version to 1.18
  • various code refactorings

Version 3.0.4

  • updates bStats version
  • lowers API version back to 1.14

Long changelog




@nisovin for his awesome code for effects :)
Thanks to MatthewEnderle for the improved logo on the bukkit-dev site!




Feel free to use this banner!! :)



Statistics (from bStats)





If you really like my plugin, you can if you want make a donation via PayPal!
Donation chain: -> I receive some money -> Buy coffee -> Work longer -> Faster Updates -> Your benefit!
There is a button on top of this page :)

I'm accepting bitcoins, too! :)
Address: 1NnrRgdy7CfiYN63vKHiypSi3MSctCP55C




This plugin is released under the MIT license!


Information about the data usage collection bStats

Disabling bStats

The file ./plugins/bStats/config.yml contains an option to opt-out.

The following data is read and sent to and can be seen under

  • Your server's randomly generated UUID
  • The amount of players on your server
  • The online mode of your server
  • The bukkit version of your server
  • The java version of your system (e.g. Java 8)
  • The name of your OS (e.g. Windows)
  • The version of your OS
  • The architecture of your OS (e.g. amd64)
  • The system cores of your OS (e.g. 8)
  • bStats-supported plugins
  • Plugin version of bStats-supported plugins
  • List of enabled foods

Discord Support




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