Bullseye allows you to create a Bullseye block(arrow detector block) by placing a sign, with special text, on any block. Whenever that block is hit with arrows, the sign will change to a redstone torch briefly.


  • Makes blocks able to detect arrows hitting them!!
  • The detection is shown by Bullseye signs turing into a redstone torch briefly
  • No commands
  • Can put multiple signs on one block
  • Bullseye signs turn Blue if placed on a valid block, and Red if placed on an invalid block.
  • Can configure which blocks to allow in a whitelist/blacklist.
  • Optional message to be displayed when the Bullseye block is hit with an arrow, message can be written on the last three lines.
    • Spaces needed between lines
    • Works with colors (external plugin needed)
  • Works with any block you can put a sign on!
    • If the block has an Inventory (Chest, Dispenser, Enchantment Table, etc.) hold Shift to put a sign on them
  • Option for arrows shot out of Dispensers to active the signs
  • Option for arrows shot by Skeletons to active the signs

Usage pics

These are examples of valid signs:

Valid signs

Here is an example of an invalid sign:

Invalid sign

Bullseye showcase here, by DamnicholasGaming:


  • Add permissions.
  • Anyone have any ideas? Create a ticket.
  • Maybe figure out how to get Chests and Enchanting tables to work correctly?? (v0.8)
  • Add config for which blocks to allow. (v0.7)
  • Fix water issue. (v0.4)
  • Add Furnaces, Crafting tables, etc. (v0.3)



  • Either create a ticket or
  • Post them here.


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