How to import database from Rakamak

From users.rak and UsersIp.rak to auths.db

Since AuthMe-Reloaded 2.6.9b3 , you can import your old rakamak database, this is the tutorial :

Simple to convert from rakamak, put users.rak and UsersIp.rak in your /plugins/AuthMe/ folder, Change in your config what you need :

        fileName: users.rak
        #Set this to true if you saveIP in rakamak
        useIP: false
        ipFileName: UsersIp.rak
       # possible hash values: MD5, SHA1, SHA256, XAUTH, PHPBB, MD5VB
        # PLAINTEXT ( unhashed password)
        newPasswordHash: SHA256

Set settings how you need and reload authMe config /authme reload
Now , just use /converter rakamak or from console : converter rakamak
All of your players are now in auths.db :)
If you prefere a mySQL table , you can now set your MySQL profile and use : /converter flattosql



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