How to import database from xAuth

Migrate from xAuth to AuthMe

  1. Put xAuth and AuthMe (>2.7.8) in your plugin folder
  2. Configure your new AuthMe database in the config.yml file
    mySQLColumnName: username #Column for User Names
    mySQLTablename: authme # TableName
    mySQLUsername: authme # Username for MySQL connection
    backend: mysql # Available: mysql , sqlite, file
    mySQLColumnLastLogin: lastlogin # Column for lastlogin Timestamp
    mySQLDatabase: authme # Name of the database
    mySQLPort: '3306' # Port
    mySQLColumnIp: ip # Column for ip storage
    mySQLHost: # Your MySQL host for connection
    mySQLColumnPassword: password # Column for password storage
    mySQLPassword: '12345' # Your MySQL database password for connection
    caching: true # For limit too much Request , disable if you do not need
    mySQLlastlocX: x # Last Location Storage X
    mySQLlastlocY : y # Last Location Storage Y
    mySQLlastlocZ : z # Last Location Storage Z
    mySQLColumnEmail: email # Column for email storage
    mySQLColumnId: id #Column for the primary key, change only if you know what you're doing

If you do not want to use MySQL, use SQLite or Flatfile like this :

    backend: sqlite


    backend: file

3. Now set the PasswordHash :

        minPasswordLength: 4
        unLoggedinGroup: unLoggedinGroup
        passwordHash: XAUTH

4. You're ready , start the server, but do not join ( xAuth + AuthMe .... whose have the /login and /register command ? x) )
5. Use this following command in console , or if you have successfully join , use in game :

/converter xauth

Permission needed : authme.admin.converter
6. Wait for the end of the import
7.Stop the server, remove xAuth and Restart.... Enjoy !

This Method Advantages :

  • All xAuth database support (H2, SQLite, MySQL )
  • Import in actual AuthMe database ( do not errase any data but simply add ! )
  • Choose your AuthMe database support , not only MySQL !


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