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➢ Animated tab (header/footer) & animated groups​
➢ Create your own animation​
➢ Option to randomize the texts
➢ Option to set update interval​
➢ Tab automatic refresh (in server ticks)
➢ Ability to display custom JSON texts
➢ Restricted players where the tab does not appear for specific player
➢ Option to ignore vanished players in %online-players% placeholder
➢ Customizable tablist groups (prefix + tabName + suffix)​
➢ Hide group when player afk or vanish
➢ Set the specified group prefix, suffix or tab name from command
➢ Ability to work groups in specified worlds
➢ Option to sync automatically Vault groups to the tablist​
➢ Option to show the afk status format in player list
➢ Text formatting​

➢ 160+ symbols
➢ 1.16+ hex color support
➢ Basic color supports
➢ 1.16+ custom fonts, documentation

➢ Option to remove every players from tablist
➢ Option to remove gray color name from spectator players in tablist
➢ Create fake players to player list
➢ You can set fake player names with colors
➢ Ability to set skin for fake players by real uuids​
➢ Command to rename existing fake players
➢ Command to set head skin from real player uuid
➢ Command to set ping value​

➢ Change player tab name with one command
➢ Ping placeholder format (good, medium, bad)
➢ Per world player list, to show the player list for each worlds
➢ Ability to share the same list of players in different worlds
➢ Per-tablist stuffs:​
➢ Per world-group
➢ Per group
➢ Per world
➢ Per player​
➢ Per permission based
➢ Toggle on/off tab, toggles for all available players or just one user
➢ Tablist object types (health, ping tab & custom value (just right))
➢ Disabled worlds where tablist and objectives does not appear
➢ Option to sort afk players to the bottom or individually on player list
➢ Option to download and apply the new releases without clicking download button
➢ Option to hide player from tab when is in afk or vanished
- PlaceholderAPI (optional)
  • If you want to use placeholders in tablist from PlaceholderAPI plugin
- Vault (optional)
  • If you want per-group tablist​
- EssentialsX or CMI (optional)
  • If you want to append nick names instead of tab names.​
  • Ability to ignore the vanished players in %online-players% placeholder.

- SuperVanish (optional)

  • If you want to ignore the vanished players in %online-players% placeholder.
Questions about plugin
  • If I use %online-players% placeholder, and if a player is vanished, then counts that one player?

It does not count because if the Essentials, CMI or SuperVanish plugin is installed it will work.

  • Why freezes the tablist when a new player joins the server?

In the config.yml file, the update interval for the tablist is set to 0 so the tab not refresh anymore.
But still freezes! What can I do?
I can't help that much because the plugin updates the tablist when a player joins the server. Try restart your server completely.

  • Is it possible for temporary groups? (time)

Yes!! If you use the LuckPerms plugin, you can set a timer with its temporary command and the specified group permission, so that after the time has elapsed, the player will not see the groups on the tablist.


Thanks @ChestHub the video!

PlaceholderAPI usage

You must first enable the hooks.placeholderapi option in config.yml to use.


Download the appropriate expansion:
/papi ecloud download Player


Now reload placeholderapi:
/papi reload


Finally, reload tablist plugin:
/tl reload

and use the placeholder you want to display from Player expansion.


More information:


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