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Animated tab examples

➢ Animated tab (header/footer) & Animated groups
➢ With custom animation list
➢ Create your own animation​
➢ Option to randomize the texts
➢ Option to set update interval​

➢ Tab auto update (in ticks)
➢ Blacklisted players where the tab does not appear for player.
➢ PlaceholderAPI support (optional)
➢ Plugin working on CraftBukkit
➢ Option to ignore vanished players in %online-players% placeholder. (Supports EssentialsX and SuperVanish)
➢ Player group sort priority
➢ Custom variables, to create some variables, to prevent config memory reservation.
➢ API for developers
➢ Option to show the afk status format in player list.
➢ 160+ symbols
➢ Create fake players to player list, with colored names
➢ Tab group prefixes and suffixes
➢ Per player tablist
➢ Hide group when player afk or vanish. (Requires EssentialsX)
➢ Hide tab when player vanished. (Requires EssentialsX)
➢ Per player group prefixes & suffixes
➢ Per world player list
➢ Per world-group tablist
➢ Per group tablist
➢ Per world tablist
➢ Change player tab name
➢ Toggle on/off tab
➢ Tablist object types (health; ping tab & custom value (just right))
Tablist object types (health & ping tab (just right))
➢ Blacklist tab name, to prevent any bad word usage.
➢ Set the specified player prefix/suffix from command.
➢ Using Essentials nick name in groups & tabname.
➢ Ping placeholder format (good, medium, bad)
➢ Disabled worlds where health tab, ping tab, tabname, tablist and custom value does not appear.
➢ Hides player from tab when afk (Requires EssentialsX)
➢ Animated tab (header/footer)
➢ Animated groups
➢ 160+ symbols
➢ Custom variables
➢ Blacklisted players where the tab does not appear for player.
➢ Tab auto update (in milliseconds)
➢ Toggle on/off tab
➢ Disabled servers where the tab does not appear.
➢ Different tablist for each server
➢ Per player tablist​
If you use the group options in TabList and use a scoreboard plugin on your server, it is recommended that you change the changing-type in the Tablist config.yml from scoreboard to namer.​

[ ] = optional arguments

< > = required arguments
( ) = command abbreviations

- /tablist (or /tl) - Main plugin info.
- /tl help - Help commands.
- /tl reload (or rl) - Reload the plugin.
- /tl fakeplayers (or fp) - Fake player command usage.
- /tl fp <add/remove> <name> - Add/remove the fake player.
- /tl fp list - Lists all fake players.
- /tl toggle - Toggle on/off the tab.
- /tl toggle all - Toggle on/off the tab for all online players.
- /tabname <name> - Changing your player tab name.
- /tname <player> <name> - Changes the specified player tab name.
- /tl setprefix <player> <prefix> - Sets the specified player prefix.
- /tl setsuffix <player> <suffix> - Sets the specified player suffix.
- /tl setpriority <player> <priority> - Sets the specified player sorting priority.
- /tl removeplayer <player> - Removes the specified player prefix/suffix.
- /tname reset [player] - Reset your or other player tab name.
- /tl get [player] - Get player tab name.
- /tablist - Help commands.
- /tablist reload (or rl) - Reload the plugin.
- /tablist toggle - Toggle on/off tab.
tablist.* - Allow all TabList permission.
- You can use the "/tl reload" command. - default: op
tablist.fakeplayers - You can use the "/tl fp" command. - default: false
- You can use the "/tl fp add" command. - default: false
- You can use the "/tl fp rem" command. - default: false
tablist.fakeplayers.list - You can use the "/tl fp list" command. - default: false
tablist.onlinestaff - Online staff permission for %staff-online% placeholder. - default: false
- You can use "/tl help" command. - default: false
tablist.toggle - You can use the "/tl toggle" command. - default: false
tablist.tabname - You can use "/tabname" command. - default: false
tablist.tabname.other - You can use "/tabname [player] " command. - default: false
tablist.reset - You can use "/tabname reset" command. - default: false
tablist.reset.other - You can use "/tabname reset [player]" command. - default: false
tablist.get - Get your tab name. - default: false
tablist.get.other - Get other player tab name. - default: false
tablist.setprefix - You can use "/tl setprefix " command. - default: false
tablist.setsuffix - You can use "/tl setsuffix " command. - default: false
tablist.setpriority - You can use "/tl setpriority " command. - default: false
tablist.removeplayer - You can use "/tl removeplayer " command. - default: false
Bungee - You can use "/tablist help" command. - default: false
tablist.reload - You can use the "/tablist reload" command. - default: false
tablist.toggle - You van use the "/tablist toggle" command. - default: false

# Hook plugins
# Hooks into PlaceholderAPI to use custom placeholders.
placeholderapi: false

# Hooking to my RageMode plugin. (
# If true, will disable the tablist, groups and the tablist objects, while
# running a game.
RageMode: false

# Different playerlist in different world.
per-world-player-list: false

# Fake players that are on the tab.
enable-fake-players: false

# Ignoring vanished players in %online-players% placeholder.
# true - does not count the vanished players to placeholder.
# Requires Essentials or SuperVanish plugin!
ignore-vanished-players-in-online-players: false

# Hides player from tab when afk status.
# Requires Essentials plugin!
hide-player-from-tab-when-afk: false

# Placeholder formatting
# When the player changes the afk status, changes the tablist name format.
enable: false

# Should show the afk format in right or left side?
# true - displays in right side
# false - displays in left side
show-in-right-or-left-side: true

# Show the player group if the player afk?
show-player-group: true

# When the player is afk
format-yes: "&7 [AFK]&r "
# When the player is not afk
format-no: ""

# Time zones:
# Or google it: "what is my time zone"
time-zone: "GMT0"

# Formats/examples:
# Used for %server-time% placeholder.
format: "mm:HH"
# Used for %date% placeholder.
format: "dd/MM/yyyy"

# Ping color format for %ping% placeholder.
enable: true

# Use color coding "&" for color.
color: "&a"
amount: 200
color: "&6"
amount: 500
bad-ping: "&c"

# TPS color format for %tps% placeholder.
enable: true

# Use color coding "&" for color.
color: "&a"
amount: 18.0
color: "&6"
amount: 16.0
bad-tps: "&c"

# Custom variables that will be replaced in tablist.
# This useful when we are creating a lot of lines with the same name.
# Usage: <nameOfPlaceholder>: "&6Text..."
<name>: "&5&o%player%"
<lines>: "&5&m======================"

# Enables to change prefix & suffix in player tablist.
# WARNING! Overwrites the tabname function.
enable: false

# Refresh interval in seconds, if using animation then counts in ticks.
# Set to 0 if you don't want to refresh the groups.
# If 0 you will required to execute the /tl rl command, to reload the groups.
refresh-interval: 30

# Do you want to use animation in groups?
# This creates a new task scheduler when this enabled.
# If this true, then you need to change the refresh interval such as 4, because counting in ticks.
# If this false, then back to seconds interval.
enable-animation: false

# Disable groups in the given worlds.
# Use the list as white list or not?
# If true - Using the white list option and all worlds should be given to the list
# to show in the specified worlds.
# If false (default) - Using the disabled list option and if a world is given in the list
# the groups will be disabled in that world.
use-as-whitelist: false
#- myWorld

# By enabling this, you will be able to specify the correct Vault group name in groups file
# and if correct, then it will grant the group to player.
use-vault-group-names: true

# Hide player group in tablist when the player is vanished?
# Required Essentials plugin!
hide-group-when-player-vanished: false

# Hide player group in tablist when the player is afk?
# Required Essentials plugin!
hide-group-when-player-afk: false

# Use the essentials nickname instead of player original name?
# true - Using this format: "prefix playerNickName suffix"
# false - Using this format: "prefix playerOriginalName suffix"
# This will only works if the "changing-type" is "namer".
use-essentials-nickname: false

# Use the player displayname instead of groups?
# This supports the player "prefix playerName suffix" format like on chat.
# If the player has no any format on chat then display the player name.
use-displayname: false

# Scoreboard changing types (if you experience some problems by changing group).
# scoreboard - Maximum character is 16 (if use 1.13+ version max. 64) in prefix & suffix.
# namer - Max. character is unlimited.
changing-type: scoreboard

# Tablist objective types
# Shows your current health (with life indicator), shows your current ping or a custom placeholder
# that shows number.
enable: false

# Types:
# ping - ping of player
# health - health of player
# custom - custom value
type: ping

# Objective settings
# The ping side next to the player's name indicates the right side.
# Ping update time interval in seconds.
update-interval: 3

# Which worlds do not show up in ping (world names)?
#- testingWorld

# The player health (life) the player's name indicates the right side.
# Which worlds do not show the players health in tab?
- world_the_end

# Blacklisted players who do not show the health in tab.
- exampleplayer
- players

# It only accepts number-ending placeholders, such as player levels (doubled numbers "2.1" do NOT work).
custom-value: "%player_level%"

# Refresh interval in seconds.
refresh-interval: 3

# Which worlds do not show the custom value setting (world names)?
#- worlds

# Changing player tablist name with unlimited characters.
# Allow to change player tab name.
enable: false

# Use the Essentials nickname instead of tab name?
use-essentials-nickname: false

# How many letters should be allowed?
max-name-length: 200

# When the player left the server, delete the tab name?
clear-player-tabname-on-quit: false

# Enables color coding for tab names. ("&")
# false - disables all placeholders, symbols, and color codes.
enable-color-code: true

# Enable the default color. (If the player has not written a color code, this color will be given by default.)
enable: false
color: "&6"

# Which worlds can not be change the tab name?
#- myworld

# Which names can not be used?
- tabname

# Plugin Settings #
# Check for updates.
check-update: true

# Log plugin messages into console.
logconsole: true

# Plugin enable/disable messages in console.
plugin-enable: '&6&l[&5&lTab&c&lList&6&l]&7&l >&a The plugin successfully enabled&6 v5.0&a!'
plugin-disable: '&6&l[&5&lTab&c&lList&6&l]&7&l >&c The plugin successfully disabled!'

config-version: 15


# Time zones:
# Or google it: "what is my time zone"
time-zone: "GMT0"

# Formats/examples:
# Used for %time% placeholder.
time-format: "mm:HH"
# Used for %date% placeholder.
date-format: "dd/MM/yyyy"

# Custom variables with unlimited variables.
# Use: <something>: "&6Message...'
<name>: "&7&o%player-name%"
<lines>: "&5&m======================"

# Should enable the tablist groups?
enabled: false

# Group refreshing time in milliseconds.
# If you want animation just decrease the value.
refresh-time: 160

# Group list
- "&a[&cAdmin&a]&6 %player-name%"
- "&a"
- "&a["
- "&a[&cA"
- "&a[&cAd"
- "&a[&cAdm"
- "&a[&cAdmi"
- "&a[&cAdmin"
- "&a[&cAdmin&a"
- "&a[&cAdmin&a]"
- "&a[&cAdmin&a]&6 %player-name%"
- "&a[&cAdmin&a]&6 %player-name%"
- "&a[&cAdmin&a]&a %player-name%"
- "&a[&cAdmin&a]&e %player-name%"
- "&a[&cAdmin&a]&f %player-name%"
- "&a[&cAdmin&a]&c %player-name%"
- "&a[&cAdmin&a]&b %player-name%"
- "&a[&cAdmin&a]&9 %player-name%"
permission: groups.admin # any permission name are accepted
name: "&7 %player-name%"
permission: tablist.default

# TabList, header & footer
# Current plugin placeholders:
# Use symbols:
# Enable tablist header & footer?
enable: true

# Disabled servers, where you can not see the tab.
#- serverName

# Blacklisted players, where the player not see the tab.
#- playerName

# How often to refresh the tablist (in milliseconds).
refresh-interval: 180

- "&b&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&6&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&4&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&9&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&a&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&e&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&5&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&b&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&6&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&4&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&9&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&a&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&e&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&5&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&b&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&6&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&4&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&9&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&a&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&e&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&5&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"
- "&b&lTabList\n&6Ping:&r %ping%&7ms\n<lines>"

- "<lines>\n&7Website:&2"

# Per player tablist
- "&2Tab&6List\n&7<93>&3 Welcome&e &l%player-name%&7! <91>\n \n&5&l&m================="
- "&5&l&m================="
- "&a&l&m================="
- "&b&l&m================="
- "&f&l&m================="
- "&7&l&m================="
- "&4&l&m================="
- "&6&l&m================="

- "&7<93>&3 Welcome&e &l%player-name%&7! <91>\n \n&5&l&m================="
- "<lines>"
# Per server tablist
- "&7<93>&3 Welcome&e &l%player-name%&7! <91>&6 to&4 M&ay&3 Kit&4PvP&9 S&6e&2r&8v&5e&1r&6!"
- "&aGo to the PvP server!"

- ""
- "&7Website&7:"

- "&7<93>&3 Welcome&e &l%player-name%&7! <91>&6 to&4 M&ay&9 S&6e&2r&8v&5e&1r&6!"
- "&7<28>&a Choose a minigame or server and start playing!&7 <28>"

# Plugin messages
reload-config: "&aThe plugin successfully reloaded!"
no-permission: "&cYou don't have permission for this!"
enabled: "&aThe tab is successfully turned on!"
disabled: "&cThe tab is successfully turned off!"
no-player: "&cThere is no player available on the server."
- "&8&l-----------"
- "&7/&atablist reload&7 (or rl)&e -&6 Reloads the plugin and config."
- "&7/&atablist toggle&e -&6 Toggle the tablist."
- "&8&l-----------"

config-version: 7

What do these features mean in the configuration?
Here you will find it. (Click)
How to create a group?
Here you will find it. (Click)
Dependencies (Bukkit)
- PlaceholderAPI (optional)
  • If you do not use PlaceholderAPI, here is the article about what it says: Click
- Vault (optional)
  • If you want per-group tablist​
- EssentialsX (optional)
  • If you want to change the player tab name to nick name.​

- SuperVanish (optional)

  • If you want to ignore the vanished players in %online-players% placeholder.
Questions about plugin
  • If I use %online-players% placeholder, and if a player is vanished, then counts that one player?

It does not count because if the Essentials or SuperVanish plugin is installed it will work.

  • Why freezes the tablist when a new player joins the server?

In the config.yml file, the update interval for the tablist is set to 0 so the tab not refresh anymore.
But still freezes! What can I do?
I can't help that much because the plugin updates the tablist when a player joins the server. Try restart your server completely.

  • Is it possible for temporary groups? (time)

Yes!! If you use the LuckPerms plugin, you can set a timer with its temporary command and the specified group permission, so that after the time has elapsed, the player will not see the groups on the tablist.


View full changes log: Click

Who cares for money:
- Use PlaceholderAPI, add the Vault plugin and find the amount of money here: Vault-Economy

You can check this if you a developer: TabListAPI



Thanks @ChestHub the video!

PlaceholderAPI usage

You don't want to use the PlaceholderAPI?

No prob, just see this:


You must first enable the cloud_enabled boolean in the PlaceholderAPI configuration to use.
/papi ecloud download Player - Enables %player_name%, %player_displayname% etc. placeholder.
/papi reload - Reloads the plugin and the cloud.
More help:



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