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== Description ==

This is an advanced vanish-plugin that lets other players think that you're not on the server.

== Features ==

  • Invisible players are completely invisible
  • Hides invisible players in the playerlist [Tab]
  • Adjusts the amount of players in the serverlist (configurable)
  • Hacked clients can't detect invisible players
  • Players with the permission 'sv.see' view invisible players as ghosts (configurable)
  • Changes the tabname of invisible players (configurable)
  • You can change nearly every message from this plugin in the configuration
  • Invisible players are after join/quit still invisible
  • Invisible players are after a reload/restart still invisible
  • Invisible players cannot pick up items (configurable)
  • Disables the ''normal'' Join- and LeaveMessages of hidden players (configurable)
  • Broadcasts fake Join/leave messages on vanish and/or reappear (configurable)
  • Disables damage for invisible players (configurable)
  • Hides items in the hand of invisible players
  • Hides the armour of invisible players
  • You can reload the configuration ingame
  • Invisible players can't trigger pressure plates (configurable)
  • Invisible players can fly even if they are in survival mode (configurable)
  • Hides invisible players in the list of logged in players in the serverlist (configurable)

A list of all features is here.

== Getting started ==

  1. Place the SuperVanish.jar file in your plugins directory.
  2. Optional: Place the jar file of the latest version of ProtocolLib in your plugins directory.
  3. Reload/Restart/Start your server.
  4. Disable/Enable features in the configuration.
  5. Reload the configuration using '/sv reload'.
  6. Handle your permissions.
  7. Catch the nasty griefers!

    == Commands and Permissions ==

Command Function Permission
/sv [on/off] Main command that is needed to vanish or reappear sv.use
/sv reload This command is needed to reload the configuration sv.reload
/sv <on/off> <player> Hides/Shows an other player sv.others
/sv list Shows a list of invisible players sv.list
/sv login Broadcasts a fake joinmessage sv.login
/sv logout Broadcasts a fake leavemessage sv.logout
  This Permission is needed to see invisible players sv.see

== Configuration ==

An explanation of the configuration is here.

== Change log ==

The change log is here.

== API ==

An explanation of the api is here.

== Support ==

Please message me on spigot if you have any issues.

== To-Do ==

Please post any ideas you have on spigot.

== Comments ==

Please post comments on spigot!


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