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Crafting Recipe 

Before installing, make sure you've read all of the instructions down below and that your server version matches that of the plugin.


This plugin simply adds lucky blocks to your server. If you're not familiar with the actual lucky block mod, you can watch it on youtube since it's very popular. Lucky blocks are blocks that act like sponges (can be any other kind of block). Upon breaking, they spawn random drops which, depending on their luck, can be anything from lucky armor, potions, lucky swords, chests, monsters, traps, etc.



This plugin is highly customizable which means that you can control which drops may spawn and when. Spending some time reading the generated files gives you a glimpse of how the whole thing works.


• How to get the block


You may notice that regular sponges won't do anything as you might expect. You can either get the block through crafting by surrounding a dropper with 8 gold ingots, which is the same recipe as it's in the original mod; or by using /lb give command.


Currently, you can have up to 1048 lucky blocks placed at the same time, placing more will just delete the new block. This is probably going to be changed in a later version in the future.


• Important to mention

If you run an outdated minecraft server, you can lookup for older versions of this plugin and find the one that supports your server.


• Features

- Highly customizable.

- Craftable.

- Option to make lucky blocks spawn naturally in the world.

- You can add your own types, lucky block types can have their own folders   and files, you can for example have sponge lucky block and lapis lucky       block (will have a detailed explanation soon).

- Lucky blocks save their data.

- Play sounds, effects on place, break lucky blocks.

- Different levels of luck same as the mod (configurable).

- Drops are customizable and a lucky block type can have up to infinity       drops (not literally but until java or the server runs out of time).

- Silk touch enchantment works on lucky blocks to obtain them back.

- Fortune enchantment increases luck (takes too much durability).

- Can be placed by dispensers.

- Can be pushed by pistons.

- Slime blocks can push lucky blocks in the air (WIP).

- Developers can add custom drops to the plugin.

- Hidden features inside.


• Setup
- download and install WorldEdit (recommended).

- download Advanced Lucky Block plugin.
- Put the downloaded files in plugins folder.
- Enjoy!


• Commands


• Permissions


• Adding,subtracting luck

Lucky crafting table:

Used to add or subtract luck from lucky blocks.
Crafting recipe:

crafting recipe


- You can make your own lucky block by editing Types folder's files.
- Share your custom ones.

• Servers

- You can leave your server IP in the comments if you are using this plugin on your server and i'll add it to this list.

• Enchantments

- Lightning Enchantment: Strikes a lightning bolt when right click.

• Files

• Editing drops

- Drops are stored in drops folder.

• Custom Drops

- Developers can make and add custom drops to lucky blocks.
- tutorial Here

• Todo

- Suggest ideas!

• Screenshots

- Share your screenshots.



- Credits to


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