You can use the tab key to auto-complete an argument, for example if you press it while typing "/lb bo " it will automatically complete the word "book".

You can hover over commands that are shown when you run /lb help command.


Players must have permission lb.commands to run any of the commands below.


Command Permission Console Args
book false [Player]
clearlbs lb.commands.clearlbs true [true/false] Remove block?
commandDesc lb.commands.commanddesc true [Command]
dropList lb.commands.droplist true [Page]
generate lb.commands.generate false [Class]
gui lb.gui false None
help None true [Page]
info true None
lbitem lb.commands.lbitem false [Item]
lb/give/luckyblock lb.commands.luckyblock true [Player],(Amount),(Luck),[Type]
lbs lb.commands.lbs true [Page]
placelb lb.commands.placelb false [x] [y] [z] [ID]
recDeleted lb.commands.recdeleted true [Page]
region lb.commands.region false [clear/setdrop/setlb/setowner]
reload lb.commands.reload true None
resourcePack lb.commands.resourcepack true [player,world,server]
runAll lb.commands.runall true None
saveItem lb.commands.saveitem false [Path]
saveStructure lb.commands.savestructure false [x] [y] [z] [x1] [y1] [z1] [withAir] [fileName]
setDrop lb.commands.setdrop false [Drop] {Drop Options}
setLang lb.commands.setlang true [fileName]
spawnEgg lb.commands.spawnegg false [Class]
types lb.commands.types true None
v/ersion lb.commands.version true None

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