EchoPet v2.0.11

Change log



Compatible with CB 1.6.4-R0.1

  • Add VanishNoPacket support
  • Add WorldGuard region blacklist to config.yml
  • Add /petadmin reload to reload the config.yml
  • Fix being able to take items out of any GUI Menu
  • Fix Pet Selector config options
  • Address some Pet loading issues
  • Fix an exception when clicking in a furnace
  • Implement a new log file (EchoPet.log)
  • Rewrite Configuration file generation and remove some outdated options
  • Fix an ArrayOutOfIndexException involved with the Pet Selector



Compatible with CB 1.6.4-R0.1

This update is mainly bug fixes and improvements

  • Pets can now be disabled in certain worlds
  • Fix unnecessary 'spam' of messages when opening the Pet Selector
  • Pets can become invisible by holding shift and applying an invisibility potion to the owner (configurable).
  • Disable crafting with the Pet Selector
  • Split Pet Selector command permissions to and
  • Add support for disabling messages
  • Fix strange horse behaviour
  • Make petSelector.slot more user friendly - 9 is now the last hot bar slot
  • Changes and improvements to the PetData system
  • Make the no-permission message customisable
  • Make Pet Selector commands dynamic
  • Fix EnderDragon sidewards controls
  • Move Pet Selector config options
  • Fix flying Pets launching backwards on double tapping Space Bar (while in Creative mode)
  • Add Iron Golem to the Pet Selector
  • Remove update check if version is incorrect
  • Wolves can't be angry and tamed simultaneously
  • Set Skeleton equipment when changed by PetMenu
  • Make hatted Pets face the front

API Changes:

  • Add the option to save a Pet when removing it (removePet())



Compatible with CB 1.6.2-R0.1, CB 1.6.2-R0.2, CB 1.6.2-R1.0 and CB 1.6.2-R1.1

  • Add two new Pets
  • EnderDragon
  • Giant
  • Implement a new Menu type: the Pet Selector
  • Allows players to select Pets and perform some basic commands from a GUI Menu
  • Split permissions for hat and ride commands to '<type>'
  • Add Tab Completion to the Pet command
  • Pets can now fly, as determined in the config.yml
  • Pets will now respawn with their owner
  • Fix some compatibility with BungeeCord/LilyPad
  • Fix the 'Shield' value for Withers not working
  • Improve MultiWorld travel
  • Add some new commands
  • /pet select
  • /pet selector
  • Add some new PetAdmin commands
  • /petadmin menu <player>
  • /petadmin call <player>
  • /petadmin show <player>
  • /petadmin hide <player>
  • /petadmin select <player>
  • /petadmin selector <player>
  • Individual configuration for ride speed and jump height
  • Fix mounts not loading properly
  • Fix an exception in smaller inventories (e.g. Anvil) being parsed by this plugin
  • Fix some compatibility with Mob Spawners
  • Fix infinite Pets glitch with '/pet show'
  • Fix a problem with the default perm
  • Correctly name 'Red' in the Ocelot PetMenu
  • Implement new config.yml options
  • Improve the API



Compatible with CB 1.6.2-R0.1 and CB 1.6.2-R0.2



We still build for CraftBukkit 1.6.2-R0.1 :)

  • Add an official EchoPet Developer API (documentation will be available soon on the Wiki)
  • Added an API implementation for Pet Attacking - Feature WIP (Will be possible in the default plugin, for now reserved for Developer usage)
  • Implement complete MySQL support
  • Added Saddles as a Data Type for Horses
  • Fixed invisible Horses when armour is applied to Skeleton and Zombie Horses
  • Fixed duplication of boots in the PetMenu (
  • Fixed sending a false message about mounts disabled
  • Adding Pet mounts removes the current one (
  • Fix certain issues with mounts
  • Safeguard Version Check is now a first priority on startup
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in PetMenu
  • Rework PetData permissions
  • Added PetAdmin Commands and new help messages to LANG.YML
  • Fixed certain config options resetting themselves
  • PetData is now in alphabetical order
  • Improve loading of pets
  • Black horse type is no longer called "White" (PetMenu)
  • Only send PetMenu open message on open
  • Reorganise the Horse PetMenu
  • Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PetMenu
  • Fix PetInfo throwing ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Pets now auto-jump over blocks when riding
  • Added some cool particle effects
  • Added baby Horse pets
  • Added red sheep and wolves
  • Properly disable Pets (
  • Only send data force message once, in the correct language (
  • Add a delay to teleportation (Addresses


  • Compiled for 1.6.1-R0.1
  • Rewrote and improved the EchoPet base system
  • Rewrote Configuration file system
  • Improved read format for PETS.yml
    • Notable change: More user friendly and editable for server owners
  • Added LANGUAGE.yml
    • All command messages can be changed
    • Colour-code-friendly
  • Fixed Pets not spawning in WorldGuard denied regions
  • Added an interval AutoSave system
    • Configurable save interval
    • The plugin can be configured not to activate AutoSave
  • Improved and added new commands
    • Start of full console support and admin commands
    • Added '/pet ride'
    • Added '/pet hat'
    • Added commands under '/pet mount ...'
    • Added '/pet info'
    • Improved '/pet list' to show all pets and data values at once
  • Improved config.yml
    • Added options to disabled data types and mounts for certain pet types
    • Added configurable default pet names
      • Use %user% as a placeholder for the owner's name and %userApos% for the owner's name and an apostrophe
  • Improved permissions
    • Added various group nodes e.g. 'echopet.type.*'
    • Changed type permissions to 'echopet.type.<type>'
  • Added a Version Safeguard for unsupported CB builds
    • EchoPet 2 is prevented from launching if the specified version is not correct
  • Began the EchoPet 2 API for developers
    • The API will make it possible for developers to extend and implement the features of pets e.g. Allowing them to attack other mobs
  • All pets are now custom entities
  • Fixed the World-Change issue in EchoPet 1.5 and before
    • Pets exist in 'dimensions' and cannot travel between them
    • When entering into a dimension, the last active pet (by default) will reappear
      • Implemented into the AutoSave system
  • Certain attributes from entities are consistent across pets
  • Implemented a Pathfinder Goal system for pets, similar to that of Minecraft
    • Follow and teleport distances are configurable
    • Pets always look at their owner, except when being ridden
    • All pets can jump properly
    • Follow speed is modified if the player is sprinting or sneaking
    • All pets have identical follow pathfinding
      • Some larger pets have increased range for walk and teleport distances
  • Improved the performance of some Pets
    • Wither:
      • Now follows alongside the player on the ground
      • Launching sounds have been removed
      • Note: The health bar is client side and cannot be removed
    • Skeleton
      • Now carries a bow
      • Wither Skeletons carry Stone Swords
    • Zombie
      • Now carries an Iron Spade
    • PigZombie
      • Now carries a Gold Sword
  • Added more pet data types
    • Angry and tamed values for wolves
    • Collar colours for wolves
    • 'Fire' for blazes
    • 'Saddle' for pigs
    • 'Screaming' for enderman
    • 'Sheared' for sheep
    • 'Villager' for PigZombies
    • All Horse types and variants
    • Horse Armour
  • Added support for new pet types
    • Added Ghast pets
    • Added Snowman pets
    • Added Horse pets
  • Allowed pet names to be defined in the commands
    • Pet names are separated by a colon e.g. /pet sheep;&6Sheep
  • Added the ability to ride pets
    • Control using WASD and the Space Bar
    • Pets will automatically walk up blocks if in range
    • Ride speed is configurable
  • Added the ability for pets to ride on their owner's head
  • Pet interaction is restricted to their owner
    • Blocked all right-click/left-click events to the pet, except for the owner
    • Fixes pigs being right clicked with saddles
  • All pets can be ridden
  • All pets can have entity mounts
  • All pets can become 'Hats'
  • Implemented new particle effects for certain events
    • 'Portal' effect for riding and activating pets as hats
    • 'Fire' when data is added through the PetMenu
    • 'Rainbow Smoke' when data is removed through the PetMenu
    • 'Lava Spark' when the pet is removed


Uploaded on
Oct 01, 2013
Game version
  • 1.6.4
290.7 KiB