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    May 21, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0



Development builds can be acquired at

EchoPet 2.8.0 is known to be compatible with ANY Minecraft version from 1.6.4 through to 1.8.4

NOTE: Only WorldGuard 6.0+ is supported by EchoPet. Region checks (etc.) will be disabled if a previous version is found.

Major changes in 2.8.0:

  • Allow Endermite, Guardian and rabbit pets for 1.8.0.
  • Support 1.8.4

Along with various improvements, fixes and less crashes to improve the user experience.

For a full list, please see here.


Development builds can be acquired at

EchoPet 2.7.0 is known to be compatible with ANY Minecraft version from 1.6.4 through to 1.8.3

NOTE: Only WorldGuard 6.0+ is supported by EchoPet. Region checks (etc.) will be disabled if a previous version is found.

Major changes in 2.7.0:

  • Addition of the long-awaited rabbit, guardian and endermite pets.
    • As always, configuration for these pets will NOT be included in existing configuration files; the associated options will only appear in newly generated configuration files (this is a flaw with the old configuration system that v2 makes use of).
  • Further improvements to entity registration.
  • Drop support for unstable protocol 1.7/1.8 Spigot releases.
  • Disable a chunk listener that was causing performance issues.
  • Correct the 'whitesocks' permission for horses (see here).
  • Fix '*' permission not working as intended (see here).

Along with various improvements, fixes and less crashes to improve the user experience.

For a full list, please see here.


Development builds can now be acquired at

EchoPet 2.6.0 is known to be compatible with ANY Minecraft version from 1.6.4 through to 1.8.

NOTE: Only WorldGuard 6.0+ is supported by EchoPet. Region checks (etc.) will be disabled if a previous version is found.

Major changes in 2.6.0:

  • Implement a more stable entity registration system.
  • Support Minecraft 1.8 (human pets are no longer supported).
  • Pet selector item now has priority over right clicking a pet
  • Reduce default ride speed from 0.25 to 0.2
  • Villager data option from PigZombie pets is no longer allowed
  • Apply appropriate updates to menu icons when clicked
  • Implement a new '/pet list' command.

Along with various improvements, fixes and less crashes to improve the user experience.

For a full list, please see here.


Development builds can now be acquired at

After a long long long drought, the next major EchoPet release makes its way to BukkitDev.

EchoPet 2.5.0 is known to be compatible with ANY Minecraft version from 1.6.4 through to Spigot 1.8 (including 1.7.10 - which the previous release did not).

If you've been running development builds, this shouldn't be too much of a change.

NOTE: Only WorldGuard 6.0+ is supported by EchoPet. Region checks (etc.) will be disabled if a previous version is found.

Major changes in 2.5.0 (summarised -> 12,269 additions and 895 deletions from 2.3.3):

  • Support 1.7.10 and Spigot 1.8 builds
  • Implement further support for MCPC+/Cauldron
  • Fix a number of crashes related to UUID changes ('ticking entities')
  • Improvements to identification utilities (regarding UUID changes)
  • Various improvements to handling of MySQL tables and migration of existing data
  • Only disable human pets for 1.7.8
  • Only use UUID-based storage if supported by the server version
  • Fix new SQL tables not being created correctly
  • Allow word filters to be specified in the config file (via regular expressions)
  • Save item lore for menu configurations as a list (e.g. ['first line', 'second line', 'third line']
  • Add Horse rearing animation when jumping
  • Prevent crashes when player stops riding a pet
  • Add a config option to 'fix' human pet skins appropriately by requesting via Mojang's API
  • Restrict menu opening to permission checks (identical to `/pet menu` command)
  • Obey user permissions when selecting a slime size
  • Resolve problems with players receiving no fall damage after dismounting their pet
  • Fix pets not returning when the owner respawns
  • Refresh loaded selector menu layout when `/petadmin reload` is executed
  • No more 'wolf armies' - using the selector item to tame wolves will no longer work
  • Fix errors occurring when viewing `/pet info` for horse pets
  • Fix certain permissions giving users the ability to perform commands they should not have access to
  • Fix issues with `/pet toggle`
  • Minor performance enhancements

Along with various improvements, fixes and less crashes to improve the user experience.

For a full list, please see here.

Known problems:

  • Human pets may not render correctly for 1.8 clients


See below for major changes with 1.7.8

  • This release includes the support for all MC versions from 1.6.4 through to 1.7.8
    • This was supposed to be included in the previous versions, but was not. Sorry ;c


Changes in 2.3.1:

  • Fix an important NPE


EchoPet 2.3.0 is known to be compatible with ANY Minecraft version from 1.6.4 through to 1.7.8:

IMPORTANT: Due to Mojang's decision to work towards name changing, UUIDs are now used in 1.7.8 and above to identify players. As a result, usernames are no longer guaranteed to be unique.

What this means if you are running EchoPet on 1.7.8 and after: EchoPet now comes with a built in UUID Migrator to automatically update your data files to the new UUID system instead of names. SQL Database tables will NOT be updated automatically, and as such it is recommended you clear these yourself before updating to EchoPet v2.3.0.

If you are not running 1.7.8, there is no need to worry. EchoPet will save all your data as it always has and will not change to a UUID system. However, this may cause problems upon the release of 1.8.

Change-log for 2.3.0:

  • Add compatibility for 1.7.8, 1.7.5 and 1.6.4, whilst maintaining support for versions in between
  • Complete migration to UUID based saving in preparation for Mojang's latest UUID-based authentication changes
  • Close menus after an item is clicked. Prevents users from taking items out of any inventory menus
  • Reload the lang config with /petadmin reload
  • Improvements to resizing of entity hitboxes
  • Fix colour codes not working for pet selector customisations
  • Redesign the help menu. Commands can now be hovered over for help
  • Adjustments to flying of Ghast and Enderdragon Pets
  • Better dynamic command registration, thanks to @CaptainBern
  • Support for players joining invisible using VanishNoPacket
  • Various other fixes to improve the user experience

API: EchoPet is now packaged as com.dsh105.echopet instead of io.github.dsh105.echopet. This means that both your imports and maven dependencies will have to be updated. This also raises awareness of the major API changes that have occurred outside the EchoPetAPI class.

The EchoPet plugin has been completely redesigned and split into various modules. This allows the support of multiple MC versions in one EchoPet release. It is highly recommended to stay out of the com.dsh105.echopet.compat.nms packages.


Compatible with CB 1.7.2

  • Fixes issues regarding the Pet Selector not working


Compatible with CB 1.7.2

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] - Remove pet type permission from pet data wild card group (<type>.*)
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] - Mount command syntax has changed from "mount" to "rider" e.g. "/pet rider pig", etc. Internal changes have been made to the command help pages to reflect this change. The WIKI will soon follow.
  • Add configuration for disabling pet names
  • Big internal changes to the way Pets are handled - Fixes a bunch of significant issues.
  • Fix OPs being denied access to commands
  • Add options to deny dropping of Pet Selector item
  • Pet Selector menu is now completely configurable
  • Fix invisible baby horses
  • Fix some minor permission issues with admin commands
  • Pets are now respected as animals, and will not be targeted by Iron Golems
  • Fix pets being removed and recreated when dismounting
  • Globally disable human pets as riders
  • Performance increases thanks to @Frostalf
  • Fix PetAdmin name command
  • Add the missing baby icon for Ocelot pet menus
  • Fix sending empty messages when a language option is left blank
  • Add a send message event for the Developer API


Compatible with CB 1.7.2

  • BREAKING CHANGE (Developer API) - The API is now accessed differently. See the Wiki for more information
  • Fix incompatibility with plugins casting to Bukkit API entities
  • Fix permission negation not working
  • Fix items begin lost if dragged into EchoPet menus
  • Improve SQL support. Fixes various issues, including SQL timeouts
  • Fix zombies showing as Human Pets
  • Alert users that the plugin is out of date
  • Improve Region and World blacklist handling
  • Fix mounted pet names not saving
  • Fix some command exceptions
  • Make sure pet names aren't too long in certain instances
  • Make sure players have permission to set pet names

2.2.1 - The 1.7 Update

Includes 2.2.0

ONLY compatible with CB 1.7.2

  • Update to 1.7.2
  • Humans are on the Pet Selector
  • Fix an exception when Human Pet names were too long
  • Fix death sounds playing when mounting/dismounting
  • Smoother flying motions
  • Navigation now operates when owner is jumping and sprinting
  • Prevent pets from being caught in unloaded chunks
  • Reduce ride speeds - a slightly more realistic
  • Removing Horse Armour

2.1.0 - The Introduction of Human Pets

Compatible with CB 1.6.4

  • Introducing…HUMAN PETS! :D
  • Pathfinding AI improvements
  • Fix generation of default pet name configuration option
  • Fix Snowman Pets making snow tracks
  • Add SQL support for Pet names with apostrophes
  • Improve mob pathfinding (
  • Check for WorldGuard regions on teleport
  • Use the Curse API for update checking, as per the new DBO Guidelines
  • Prefix is customisable by popular demand
  • Fix a possible NPE when loading pets with no other entities in range
  • Add saving Pets through the API
  • Code reformat and relocation of classes to support future InanimatePet types



Compatible with CB 1.6.4-R0.1

  • Add VanishNoPacket support
  • Add WorldGuard region blacklist to config.yml
  • Add /petadmin reload to reload the config.yml
  • Fix being able to take items out of any GUI Menu
  • Fix Pet Selector config options
  • Address some Pet loading issues
  • Fix an exception when clicking in a furnace
  • Implement a new log file (EchoPet.log)
  • Rewrite Configuration file generation and remove some outdated options
  • Fix an ArrayOutOfIndexException involved with the Pet Selector



Compatible with CB 1.6.4-R0.1

This update is mainly bug fixes and improvements

  • Pets can now be disabled in certain worlds
  • Fix unnecessary 'spam' of messages when opening the Pet Selector
  • Pets can become invisible by holding shift and applying an invisibility potion to the owner (configurable).
  • Disable crafting with the Pet Selector
  • Split Pet Selector command permissions to and
  • Add support for disabling messages
  • Fix strange horse behaviour
  • Make petSelector.slot more user friendly - 9 is now the last hot bar slot
  • Changes and improvements to the PetData system
  • Make the no-permission message customisable
  • Make Pet Selector commands dynamic
  • Fix EnderDragon sidewards controls
  • Move Pet Selector config options
  • Fix flying Pets launching backwards on double tapping Space Bar (while in Creative mode)
  • Add Iron Golem to the Pet Selector
  • Remove update check if version is incorrect
  • Wolves can't be angry and tamed simultaneously
  • Set Skeleton equipment when changed by PetMenu
  • Make hatted Pets face the front

API Changes:

  • Add the option to save a Pet when removing it (removePet())



Compatible with CB 1.6.2-R0.1, CB 1.6.2-R0.2, CB 1.6.2-R1.0 and CB 1.6.2-R1.1

  • Add two new Pets
  • EnderDragon
  • Giant
  • Implement a new Menu type: the Pet Selector
  • Allows players to select Pets and perform some basic commands from a GUI Menu
  • Split permissions for hat and ride commands to '<type>'
  • Add Tab Completion to the Pet command
  • Pets can now fly, as determined in the config.yml
  • Pets will now respawn with their owner
  • Fix some compatibility with BungeeCord/LilyPad
  • Fix the 'Shield' value for Withers not working
  • Improve MultiWorld travel
  • Add some new commands
  • /pet select
  • /pet selector
  • Add some new PetAdmin commands
  • /petadmin menu <player>
  • /petadmin call <player>
  • /petadmin show <player>
  • /petadmin hide <player>
  • /petadmin select <player>
  • /petadmin selector <player>
  • Individual configuration for ride speed and jump height
  • Fix mounts not loading properly
  • Fix an exception in smaller inventories (e.g. Anvil) being parsed by this plugin
  • Fix some compatibility with Mob Spawners
  • Fix infinite Pets glitch with '/pet show'
  • Fix a problem with the default perm
  • Correctly name 'Red' in the Ocelot PetMenu
  • Implement new config.yml options
  • Improve the API



Compatible with CB 1.6.2-R0.1 and CB 1.6.2-R0.2



We still build for CraftBukkit 1.6.2-R0.1 :)

  • Add an official EchoPet Developer API (documentation will be available soon on the Wiki)
  • Added an API implementation for Pet Attacking - Feature WIP (Will be possible in the default plugin, for now reserved for Developer usage)
  • Implement complete MySQL support
  • Added Saddles as a Data Type for Horses
  • Fixed invisible Horses when armour is applied to Skeleton and Zombie Horses
  • Fixed duplication of boots in the PetMenu (
  • Fixed sending a false message about mounts disabled
  • Adding Pet mounts removes the current one (
  • Fix certain issues with mounts
  • Safeguard Version Check is now a first priority on startup
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in PetMenu
  • Rework PetData permissions
  • Added PetAdmin Commands and new help messages to LANG.YML
  • Fixed certain config options resetting themselves
  • PetData is now in alphabetical order
  • Improve loading of pets
  • Black horse type is no longer called "White" (PetMenu)
  • Only send PetMenu open message on open
  • Reorganise the Horse PetMenu
  • Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PetMenu
  • Fix PetInfo throwing ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Pets now auto-jump over blocks when riding
  • Added some cool particle effects
  • Added baby Horse pets
  • Added red sheep and wolves
  • Properly disable Pets (
  • Only send data force message once, in the correct language (
  • Add a delay to teleportation (Addresses


  • Compiled for 1.6.1-R0.1
  • Rewrote and improved the EchoPet base system
  • Rewrote Configuration file system
  • Improved read format for PETS.yml
    • Notable change: More user friendly and editable for server owners
  • Added LANGUAGE.yml
    • All command messages can be changed
    • Colour-code-friendly
  • Fixed Pets not spawning in WorldGuard denied regions
  • Added an interval AutoSave system
    • Configurable save interval
    • The plugin can be configured not to activate AutoSave
  • Improved and added new commands
    • Start of full console support and admin commands
    • Added '/pet ride'
    • Added '/pet hat'
    • Added commands under '/pet mount ...'
    • Added '/pet info'
    • Improved '/pet list' to show all pets and data values at once
  • Improved config.yml
    • Added options to disabled data types and mounts for certain pet types
    • Added configurable default pet names
      • Use %user% as a placeholder for the owner's name and %userApos% for the owner's name and an apostrophe
  • Improved permissions
    • Added various group nodes e.g. 'echopet.type.*'
    • Changed type permissions to 'echopet.type.<type>'
  • Added a Version Safeguard for unsupported CB builds
    • EchoPet 2 is prevented from launching if the specified version is not correct
  • Began the EchoPet 2 API for developers
    • The API will make it possible for developers to extend and implement the features of pets e.g. Allowing them to attack other mobs
  • All pets are now custom entities
  • Fixed the World-Change issue in EchoPet 1.5 and before
    • Pets exist in 'dimensions' and cannot travel between them
    • When entering into a dimension, the last active pet (by default) will reappear
      • Implemented into the AutoSave system
  • Certain attributes from entities are consistent across pets
  • Implemented a Pathfinder Goal system for pets, similar to that of Minecraft
    • Follow and teleport distances are configurable
    • Pets always look at their owner, except when being ridden
    • All pets can jump properly
    • Follow speed is modified if the player is sprinting or sneaking
    • All pets have identical follow pathfinding
      • Some larger pets have increased range for walk and teleport distances
  • Improved the performance of some Pets
    • Wither:
      • Now follows alongside the player on the ground
      • Launching sounds have been removed
      • Note: The health bar is client side and cannot be removed
    • Skeleton
      • Now carries a bow
      • Wither Skeletons carry Stone Swords
    • Zombie
      • Now carries an Iron Spade
    • PigZombie
      • Now carries a Gold Sword
  • Added more pet data types
    • Angry and tamed values for wolves
    • Collar colours for wolves
    • 'Fire' for blazes
    • 'Saddle' for pigs
    • 'Screaming' for enderman
    • 'Sheared' for sheep
    • 'Villager' for PigZombies
    • All Horse types and variants
    • Horse Armour
  • Added support for new pet types
    • Added Ghast pets
    • Added Snowman pets
    • Added Horse pets
  • Allowed pet names to be defined in the commands
    • Pet names are separated by a colon e.g. /pet sheep;&6Sheep
  • Added the ability to ride pets
    • Control using WASD and the Space Bar
    • Pets will automatically walk up blocks if in range
    • Ride speed is configurable
  • Added the ability for pets to ride on their owner's head
  • Pet interaction is restricted to their owner
    • Blocked all right-click/left-click events to the pet, except for the owner
    • Fixes pigs being right clicked with saddles
  • All pets can be ridden
  • All pets can have entity mounts
  • All pets can become 'Hats'
  • Implemented new particle effects for certain events
    • 'Portal' effect for riding and activating pets as hats
    • 'Fire' when data is added through the PetMenu
    • 'Rainbow Smoke' when data is removed through the PetMenu
    • 'Lava Spark' when the pet is removed