EchoPet BETA v1.5.2


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    May 3, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1


1.5.2 BETA

Released for the sole purpose of having a version compatible with 1.5.2. IMPORTANT: If you utilise Multiverse, Nether Portals or any other world switching device, pets will be reset for players that have them active. Do not report any 'lost entity' errors from this version that have been occurring lately. The whole plugin is being rewritten and this error will soon be fixed.


- Added the Wither pet

- Added 'power' data value for Creeper

- Auto-save feature now saves names with colour codes

- Most pets now keep a comfortable distance between themselves and the player

- Fixed pets spawning on log in when the last pet was removed.

- Fixed being able to trade with villager mounts.

- Fixed slimes and magma cubes damaging players.

- Fixed squids suffocating

- Added the option to disable mounts

- Fixed sheep having a nibble on the grass

- Fixed enderman picking up blocks.

- Fixed enderman teleporting everywhere

- Fixed enderman getting angry at their owners

- Fixed chickens dropping eggs.

- Fixed creepers exploding.


- Fixed spawning of pets when players didn't have a certain permission.

- Added a config option for disabling currently active pets being spawned on login.


- Fixed error when players without main permission typed /pet

- Added an auto-updater.

- Added Metrics.

- Fixed being able to trade with villagers

- Fixed pets with mounts not teleporting, thanks to bergerkiller

- Fixed players being able to spawn non-pet mobs

- Improved the pet following system slightly.

- Added /pet default set and /pet default remove


- Updated to CB 1.5.1

- Fixed a config file issue

- Fixed pets spawning when a mount type was invalid

- Added spider, cave spider, enderman, pig zombie, silverfish, slime and magma cube pets


- Updated to CB 1.5-R0.1

- Fixed being able to ride pigs

- Fixed being able to tame pet wolves and dye pet sheep

- Added pet names

- Fixed pets not being removed when the server is disabled.


- Initial Release