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Create your own melee or ranged weapons and replicate any first-person shooter. With advanced gun-mechanics and a huge number of customizable features, your only limit is your imagination!

Works with 1.9/1.10 servers (just update your old sound names to the new ones) but not fully supported due to a Minecraft 1.9 bug that interferes with projectile collisions at close range.

Live Demo

Visit for zombie survival and genuine Call of Duty in Minecraft.


Guns that are customizable in every aspect, and a lot more. Toss grenades at enemies. Deflect melee and ranged attacks with riot shields, Call of Duty® style. Guard your property with land-mines that explode when walked into by mobs or players, struck with fists or items, or when shot by projectiles. Call in airstrikes to bomb a designated area. Place or throw explosives that you can remotely detonate from any world, from any position on the map. Items that generate explosions when picked up, shot out of dispensers, or when the chest containing the item is opened. When a booby trap is placed in an item frame, all pressure plates within 4 blocks will generate an explosion whenever they are stepped on. Dual wield your weapons. Also known as "Akimbo". Release explosive bomblets upon detonations. Add attachments to your weapons. Create all kinds of melee weapons, ranging from simple combat knives to chainsaws. Fire instant projectiles that can pass through multiple enemies.


  • A stand-alone system. Does not require mods or Spout.
  • Gun mechanics: firearm actions, iron sights, dual wield, attachments and more!
  • Reloads: replicate reload-animations with CrackShot's reloading system - press Q to reload!
  • Custom sounds: choose what sounds your weapons make!
  • Custom recipes: create crafting recipes for your weapons!
  • Shops: buy your customized weapons from established shops!
  • Multi-world support: disable CrackShot weapons in certain worlds with ease!
  • Mechanics: deal bonus damage on headshots, backstabs or critical hits!
  • Flexibility: compatible with all region-protection and arena plugins such as MobArena!
  • Flexibility: functions alongside all kit and economy plugins such as SignShop!
  • Riot shields: introduce riot shields from the Call of Duty franchise into your server!
  • Explosives: call in airstrikes, fire an RPG, deploy landmines or remotely detonate C4!
  • Much more! For more information, view each and every module in detail.

Getting started

Frequently asked questions

Default weapons

For those who are curious about what CrackShot is capable of achieving, but squealed like a little girl upon viewing the complete list of modules, you're in luck. The plugin comes with 18 default weapons, so you can jump right into the action! ... a very small taste of the action.

  • Python: Revolver w/ tactical knife
  • Frag Grenade: Explosive
  • Riot Shield: Protection device
  • Olympia: Double-barreled shotgun
  • Hunting Rifle: Bolt-action rifle
  • Type 95: Assault rifle
  • AK-47: Assault rifle
  • Flashbang: Tactical grenade
  • Toaster: Incendiary landmine
  • Harrier Strike: Precision airstrike
  • C4: Remote-detonated explosive
  • Trinket: Booby trap
  • CocoPops: Cluster bomb
  • Bazooka: Rocket launcher
  • Desert Eagle: Dual pistols
  • Carbine: Assault rifle w/ grenade launcher
  • Gauss Shotgun: Advanced pump-action shotgun
  • Putty: Remote-detonated explosive


Visit the CrackShot forums to share weapons and texture packs, suggest features, request help or to simply take part in CrackShot related discussions.

Known issue

  • Minecraft visual bug:
    • Projectiles that are launched at high velocities (>40) may follow a warped flight path. Generally, they will appear to either curve to the left or to the right. Do not be fooled though, as the projectiles will always be spot-on despite what you see!

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  • Avatar of NeutronJohn NeutronJohn Oct 26, 2016 at 13:08 UTC - 0 likes

    Can't the 1.9 glitch be fixed simply by adding the EnableOwnerImmunity module to projectiles, just like with explosions?

  • Avatar of umegonta umegonta Oct 19, 2016 at 13:59 UTC - 1 like

    So I just came back here and saw those drama...

    Look, as we already know Shampaggon is very cool guy. I've even asked for him shamelessly if he could implement a feature that I really wanted via PM and he did within 24 hours. I've offered him a direct donation because Paypal won't accept donation option in my country, and he actually denied it, saying he is happy when he knows there are people happily using his plugin.

    Then I saw a plugin called Crackshotplus and surprised how he is implementing very cool features using Crackshot as API. Some of his implementations are being asked a lot, and his own idea of weapon skins, custom shooting features are one of best idea I've ever heard. I liked what he is doing, so I "bought" his creation as donation just because I thought Crackshotplus is well deserved to be paid, unlike other paid plugins that has been free. I DISLIKE people making particle effect plugins and selling it for $5 knowing those type of plugins can be easily used to sell the effects on servers, but Crackshotplus was very different for me.

    I am... just really sad when people gets mad because of $$. If anything, Spigot team is the guys who has been decided to let people selling plugins officially so blame them first. I personally think both CrackShot and Crackshotplus is equally great enough to be paid. If Shampaggon has thought this is a trouble, he could easily take down Crackshot API or even code it so rejects Crackshotplus. He haven't. This is Shampaggon's answer, I think.

  • Avatar of DeeCaaD DeeCaaD Oct 09, 2016 at 11:15 UTC - 2 likes

    @irJester: Go


    I really don't want to "fight" with anyone. Yes, he can add things from CSP to CS if he wants I don't mind. I would just delete those features from CSP. If Shampaggon asks me to remove CSP I remove it. This is just an hobby for me and I do this for fun not for money. I have used hundreds of hours coding CSP tho. Also if Shampaggon would come back I would be pleased. I could even give him CSP things for him to add into CS(atleast base he would prob modify some). My favorite plugin is still CrackShot, but im just hoping Shampaggon to come back. I can also make my own gun plugin, but at the moment I don't have reason to do it. Im still believing that Shampaggon will come back. I have heard that he is waiting for 1.9 projectile bug to get fixed before he comes back.

    I don't "claim to be a boss"... That sounds ridiculous. Projangtile works well atleast for me. Anyway I hope projectile bug gets fixed in 1.11...

    Shampaggon is great developer and I actually admire his work. He has made CS beautiful and his plugin is running in thousands of servers which is really good achievement for a plugin. I have been using CS since 2013 and I just added things into CSP which were "missing" from CS in my opinion.

    - DeeCaaD

  • Avatar of irJester irJester Oct 09, 2016 at 10:17 UTC - 0 likes

    LOL you trolling plebs are ridiculous I could care less if you support that trash the reality is that he's making money despite it being whatever INSIGNIFICANT amount it's a matter of principle nobody is forcing me to buy it yeah I got my refund and great I won't be using it anymore who really cares? Only you because again nobody is forcing you not to buy the addon. I'm just highlighing what you seem incapable of grasping in your feeble attempts at comprehension. I'm not hating on Dee FN!66@ I don't care how he scrapes together what little money he has to buy his next $50 GPU upgrade / his ramen. Without Shamp he wouldn't have a code base to write on to, and I noticed you neglected to mention whether or not he knows about you making $$$ off of it not that I really care how you get your money I just can't help but point these things out to the rest of people so they are EDUCATED from people who are mindless sock puppets conforming to one side off the argument regardless of the information present. Arguing with you is like arguing with children. The reality is half the addon is broken from the beginning with lackluster amount of content. I've personally added over 1000 different weapons to Crackshot with many different variations / combinations possible and made MineCraft the way it was meant to be played without paying people my hard earned dollar for a game I already paid for a long time ago. Shamp has made that possible not you tards for adding SMOKE a spread system and a couple of other lackluster features. Shoot personal attacks all you want all I've stated was FACTS continue damage controlling though!

    If Shamp stole your ideas and released them for free and immediately after opened up a donation box not only would I LAUGH at you petty little fools but I would give him $100 dollars for this and possibly recurring payments of this amount monthly if it was something he continued to do more recently as coding as EXTENSIVE as he has with his java takes actual time LOL. It would be extremely entertaining to watch you helplessly try to make your addon worth it over his to server owners and all of the sudden people will want their money back because instead of a donation you charged for a product LOL and regardless of your little TOS you will have to give it back. You know what if Dee had done the same with his addon like any sane person would do I would have also donated $50 for that useless cosmetic / mechanic shit.

    You claim to be a BOSS but... Snowballs still glitched. Arrows really only working proper projectile.

    I realize these are MineCraft issues but if you're saying Dee should take this over he really needs to get to fixing that first of all.

  • Avatar of davidebic davidebic Oct 04, 2016 at 15:32 UTC - 1 like

    @DeeCaaD just made 1 of my favourites plugins ever, CSP. He is an active developer that always helps if u need, if u chargeback it's your stupidness @irJester.

  • Avatar of Fear_W Fear_W Oct 03, 2016 at 20:21 UTC - 0 likes

    spectator can use crackshot guns, please set it to false

  • Avatar of DeeCaaD DeeCaaD Sep 19, 2016 at 12:16 UTC - 0 likes

    @Sitmobedaf: Go

    It isn't available. :/

  • Avatar of Ciryond Ciryond Sep 19, 2016 at 09:02 UTC - 0 likes

    Here is my french review ;)

  • Avatar of Sitmobedaf Sitmobedaf Sep 18, 2016 at 19:02 UTC - 0 likes

    Where source code?


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