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[] Lag Decreaser []
_ForgeUser9847416 Jul 25, 2013
LagEssentials is a plugin to help reduce server lag.
_ForgeUser8017141 Jan 14, 2013
_ForgeUser21373789 Nov 1, 2016
LagFixer will increase your server performance! Lightweight and efficient at the same time!
Forge_User_74148228 Jan 9, 2014
Lag prevention made by The_Gang
the_gang3 May 30, 2020
Changes 'lag' to 'fun' when posted in chat.
_ForgeUser6901932 Jun 1, 2013
Can Be Used To Notify A Player If They Are Lagging
_ForgeUser22638119 Nov 27, 2015
Remove lag and improve the performance of your server significantly with this tool!
drew6017 Jul 19, 2019
Remove lag on your Bukkit server with this easy to use plugin
walshydev Aug 26, 2016
Jikoo_K Jan 8, 2014
_ForgeUser8939854 --
Detect redstone lag machines
_ForgeUser6865405 --
Lets you check the server lag, in ticks-per-second
TheLunarFrog Mar 2, 2016
A simple plugin which keeps you up to date with your current ram usage.
_ForgeUser21854352 --
kubecode Jun 30, 2017
Checks Lag and issues a warning to OP's when resuorces are low
_ForgeUser9224633 May 11, 2014
_ForgeUser9926412 --
Allow user to report server Lag
Forge_User_85290067 May 23, 2020
A Paper plugin that changes view distance based on server lag!
The_Atomizer3MC Oct 15, 2020
_ForgeUser6607250 Sep 28, 2012
[MECH] LessMobLag - Prevents Server-Side Mob Lag By Preventing Pointless Spawns
Nicka101 Apr 23, 2012
LobbySystem | Easy configuration and no lag
Forge_User_78726941 Dec 25, 2017
Protect your chests, furnaces, hoppers and much more in style without lagging out your server!
Forge_User_69495925 Jul 28, 2014
Reduce lagg from you server without players knowing.
james137137 May 20, 2014
A plugin that allows the invisibility of other players to reduce lag.
qwertyness --