Advanced Signs

This guide will detail some of the more complicated aspects of ZArena signs, including toll signs (for uses such as doors), custom items, and making zombie spawns only active when a toll sign is active.

Toll Signs

Toll signs have the header of "ZPay". On the second line, you put the price. On the third line, you list any flags you want the sign to have, which will be explained later. On the fourth line, you put the name of the sign, preferably with no spaces. Here's an example:






You must place the sign next to any of the following blocks: Doors, levers, buttons, and trapdoors. If you do so correctly, you will be informed that you placed a toll sign correctly. Now, whenever people hit the sign, the door/lever/button/trapdoor will change states. If it's open, it closes, if it's closed, it opens.

As mentioned before, there are several flags that can be added to the toll sign.

Usable Once, The toll sign may only be used once per game. Useful if you want people to be able to open a door, but then not be able to re close it.
Opposite, the toll sign will start out active, as opposed to inactive. The door/lever/trapdoor will start out open as well.
No Reset, the toll sign and its block will not reset at the end of the game.

Need to add a new flag to a toll sign, but don't want to have to delete the sign and then readd it? Use /zsign mark <zsign-name> <flag[s]>

Assigning Zombie Spawners to Toll Signs

Toll signs can be assigned to zombie spawns, so that the zombie spawn is only active if the toll sign is active. Remember that if the toll sign has the flag 'opposite', it will start out as active, and be inactivated when clicked. To assign the zombie spawner, use /zsign markzspawn <zsign-name> <zspawn-name>.

To unassign the zombie spawner, use the command a second time.