Level Making Guide

Before you begin, it's reccomended you prebuild your map. Make sure it is inescapable, and doesn't have too many areas where it'd be too easy for a player to camp.

  • When you have your map built, go to the place where you want players to initially spawn, and type /za create <mapname>. You can edit this initial spawn later at any time using /ispawn set
  • Creating a level automatically loads that level. The currently loaded level is the level that will be edited when you add spawns and signs, and will be the level that is played if you start the game. For future use, you use /za load <mapname> to load a level for editing/playing.
  • Now, time to add some zombie spawns. Use /zspawn set <zspawnname> to set a zombie spawn. Make sure the zspawnname is unique. If you don't care about naming your spawns much, you can just use incrementing numbers...1,2,3,4,5,etc.
  • You'll also want to add a death spawn, where players go to spectate the game after death. Make sure this death spawn is inescapable, and has a good view of the map, and then go inside it and type /dspawn set
  • Next, signs! Specifically, buy signs, which, as the name suggests, allow players to buy items from them in exchange for money gotten from zombies. To create one, simple place a sign, with the header of "ZBuy". On the second and third line, put in the name of the item. On the fourth line, put the price. You then have to right click the sign to create it. For example:





If the item is only one word, leave the third line blank.




<empty line>


  • If you want to use items with ids and other special attributes, such as mossy cobble (Though I don't know why you would want to), or potions, see the page on Advanced Sign Usage.
  • And now, just like that, you have a simple ZArena level. Type /za start to test it out! Want to add more complicated features, like toll doors? Check out the page on Advanced Sign Usage.