You can allow players to achieve bonuses at certain levels - when they have a certain level, defined by you, they will get a certain bonus to their attack damage, defined by you. You can define as many levels as you want.


  • Toggling - You can use /xpbonus to toggle the level-attack bonus. If your level is lower than the lowest level defined by you (the script works this out automatically from the config file) then it will not let you use the /xpbonus command. If you are above the lowest level, you toggle the /xpbonus on and then you drop to below level 30 (see XP draining) it will be automatically turned off. The player's /xpbonus saves.
  • Permissions - The permission node is xpstrength.bonus. If the player doesn't have this, they will not be able to use any of the XPStrength features.
  • XP draining - You will (configurable) lose xp every time you hit. There is a 50% chance that you will lose xp (you will lose the amount of hearts that you hit - take away 10 hearts and you lose 10 xp), a slightly-less-than-50% chance that you will not lose xp, and a 1% chance that you will lose double the amount that you hit.
  • User-friendly config - There is a configuration file that allows the user to modify all the levels and their bonuses easily. It uses .txt rather than .yml to avoid the pesky tab errors.
  • Customisable language files - There is a file containing every message sent by the plugin, so the user can customise every single message at the touch of a button.
  • Level cap - You can set a level cap that players cannot bypass.


To install, simply place the .jar in your /plugins/ folder and start the server. Inside /plugins/XPStrength/ you can find the user's accounts (I'm not sure why you'd want to edit these, although if for some reason a user's account breaks, submit a bug report and then delete the file.)

The plugin will automatically create a config file using some default values for you to get the idea of how to modify it, although for more information on the configuration file you can click here.

The plugin will automatically create a language file uses the default English values. You can modify the language file yourself by reading it, although for more information on the language file you can click here.

A configuration editor has been kindly created by papand13 and can be found here.


There are two permissions nodes for XPStrength.

  • xpstrength.bonus - this allows the player to gain a damage bonus from XPStrength.
  • xpstrength.bypass.cap - this allows the player to bypass the level cap.
  • xpstrength.bypass.drain - this allows the player to bypass the experience drain.


Thanks for reading, and possibly using my plugin. If you have any suggestions or bugs, submit them and I will look at the bugs and consider the suggestions!


Are you interested in helping develop XPStrength? Head over to the GitHub repository and fork it in order to contribute. Thanks for the help!


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