This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Create WStone

To create a WStone create a sign with [WStone] on the first line.


If you want it to be a transmitter write "T" or "Transmitter" on the second line.


To create a receiver put "R" or "Receiver" on the second line.
Please note that the block behind the sign has to be free (air) and, if you're in survival, you have to have redstone dust in your inventory!


A repeater has to have "RP" or "Repeater" on the second sign line.

For all types


The third line is for the network name. If you leave it empty "Main" will be used.
If you put "P" on the fourth line this will be a private network: Only you and people you like will be able to build WStones connected to it.
If you want to connect to a private network not owned by you write "P=<Owner>" on the fourth line, where <Owner> is the name of the player owning the network. Please note that you will get an error if you don't have the permissions from the owner to do so!


Network Permissions

If you own a private network and want to give somebody permissions simply send the command:

/WStone add <Network> <Player>

to remove a players permissions:

/WStone remove <Network> <Player>

Please note that the permissions system of the networks is a wrapper to permissionsBukkit. It seems that permisionsBukkit don't save that dynamic permissions, so after a server reload all network permissions will be lost!

List networks

You can use the commnand /WStone networks to list WStone networks.

In-game help

Use /WStone help to get help.


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  • Send redstrone states wirelessly.
  • Transmitting/Receiving exact current (0-16, not LOW or HIGH).
  • Multiple networks.
  • Multiple transmitters/receivers per network.
  • Network states will get saved and reloaded by server stop/start.
  • Small transmitters (1 block).
  • Small receivers(2 blocks).
  • Private networks.
  • Repeaters.
  • Stargate / Wormhole X-Treme support.

description: Build / destroy WStones.
default: op

description: Toggle WStone options.
default: op

For Devs

There's a API called WStoneConnect. You get it with wstone.getAPI() (where wstone is the plugins instance). Have a look in the sources for more information (the API is in it's own class) but be aware that it's still in an early state and currently the API tends to break between WStone releases.
Please note that the classfile of the API is distributed under another license: LGPL. You can find more infos about that in the classfile.

Get Sources

The sources are included in the jar file.


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