WPAuth is the ideal solution if you run a WordPress Website and want to allow users to register on it to get build permissions. This plugin will check your websites users.

This plugin has two main functions; checking and promoting.

How does it work?

It works by taking your connection details that you provide in the config and the user of the player who has just logged in. It then runs a check on user table that you've provided (defaults to wp_users) to see if the user_id (or alternative) matches the players username.

If it matches then it runs a command that you provide in the config.If they can't be found in the list then it will send them a message that you provide, example: To get build permissions please register at www.example.com

I'm getting an error, help!

Please open a ticket and include as much information about the error or issue you're having and your server.log file.

I have an idea...

Please open a ticket and include as much detail as possible.


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