WorldGuard Region Effects


WorldGuard Region Effects lets you give WorldGuard regions effects. That means players automatically get a potion effect when they enter the region and lose it when they leave the region.

The plugin adds an additionally flag to WorldGuard regions: effects. This flag allows you to set multiple effects for the region. It requires WorldGuard Custom Flags to work.

The source is now available on github.

If the effects don't appear try:

/region flag __global__ effects speed
/region flag __global__ effects


Possible effects: speed, slow, fast_digging, slow_digging, increase_damage, jump, regeneration, damage_resistance, fire_resistance, water_breathing, hunger, weakness, blindness, poison, invisibility, night_vision and confusion. You can also set the level for the effect (ANY value, also values that would be impossible normally like negative values). For more information click here.


/region flag exampleRegion effects speed 3,jump II,damage_resistance -1

This line would affect that you get a much faster (speed 3), can jump about 2 block high (jump II) and get more damage (damage_resistance -1). As you can see here you can also use Roman numerals (just from I to VI) for the level.

Some usages I thought of, feel free to add your own


  • /toggleeffects or /te - allows you to toggle the region effects (permission: effects.toggle)

Click here for some other plugins using WorldGuard Custom Flags.

Problems ?

If you have problems with this plugin read the F.A.Q.. If this did not help you, you can receive help here.


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