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This plugin aims to fill the hole of friendly item names in Minecraft server. This plugin is a must include for any other plugin requiring friendly item names, such as auction and trading plugins, and is a memorable toy for any server which has items, blocks or entities.

This plugin has been developed primarily for:

Aerial Heights

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This plugin is primarily a library to get friendly names from a yml file for entities, blocks, items and enchantments. Easy access to public static commands makes integration into any plugin fast and easy.

All names are stored in names.yml. Storing the names in a customizable .yml file allows for easy language conversion and support for custom items with new item id's which would not normally be recognized by plugins which are not Spout compatible.

  • Added monster type support to monster spawner blocks. (v1.0.2)
  • If any spawner drop plugins assign the typeid to the data or damage, it should also display properly. (v1.0.2)



  • Add authors for books.


Requires permission "whatisit.use":

  • /wis - What is this? Shows friendly item info for the held item.
  • /wit - What is that? Shows friendly entity or block info for what you're targeting.

Requires permission "whatisit.admin":

  • /wis itis {String name} - Set name for item and save names.yml.
  • /wit itis {String name} - Set name for item and save names.yml.
  • /wis reload - Reload names.yml before showing item name.
  • /wit reload - Reload names.yml before showing item name.


  • whatisit.use - Allows you to use the /wis and /wit commands. (default: op)
  • whatisit.admin - Allows administrative functions. (default: op)

Permission Notes

  • These permissions do not affect other plugins calling shared functionality.
  • Vault is required in 1.b.1, but a fallback to superPerms has been added in 1.0.0.


This plugin is installed much like every other plugin. Put the WhatIsIt.jar file in your /plugins/ folder and restart the server. The config files automagically appear in the /plugins/WhatIsIt/ folder. Set up your permissions per the permissions plugin directions of your choice (this supports Vault, so any perms works, without Vault, uses bukkit's built-in system).

  • In v1.b.0, the names.yml file is being generated with the config.yml content. Please use the uploaded names.yml file available on the file list on the right.


In the config.yml file's config section, there is only one option, display-data-values. Set to true or false, the default is true. This will display the data values when using the /wis and /wit commands. This does not affect other plugins display of data values, they will not be sent data values from this plugin.

Everything else in config.yml is editable messages. Except the parenthesis around the data values and names, all output from WhatIsIt is specified in the messages section of config.yml. Edit here if you want to change these. These messages affect only WhatItIs output and not any plugin that calls WhatItIs.

In the names.yml file, separated by type, are id/name pairs. These are the values used to generate the names. You can edit them in game with commands or in the file itself. It may be safer for those unfamiliar with YML format to use the in game commands. For the rest of you, a semi-colon is used to separate the item id and data/damage info. %d can be used to insert the data value into the item name (added in 1.2.0 to show the map #).

Linking from your Plugin

See this useful linking page: Linking WhatIsIt (javadoc)


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