• Fixed creepers and other mobs being written as clan members in clans.yml.


  • Added update notifications
  • Added permission node for seeing update notifications
  • Added option in config.yml for disabling update notifications
  • Werewolf trophies are now disabled by default
  • Werewolf bounties are now disabled by default


  • Fixed Werewolf crouching
  • Fixed issue for some players losing their armor and hand items when transforming
  • Fixed Werewolf speed


  • Support for craftbukkit 1.7.2
  • Support for the new Vampire plugin
  • Fixed issue with players sometimes being unable to move after un-transforming


  • Support for craftbukkit 1.6.4
  • Werewolf infection potion sign : Click to buy a infction potion (supports Vault for economy)
  • Werewolf cure potion sign : Click to buy a cure potion (supports Vault for economy)


  • Added WerewolfBiteRisk config setting
  • Added WildWolfBiteRisk config setting
  • Using /werewolf transform when in werewolf form will now untransform the player into his human form
  • "You are the clan alpha" message now shown under the /werewolf command (When player is the clan alpha)
  • Added more text to language file. Please delete your /lang/english.yml and let the plugin re-download it.


  • Clan alpha now does double damage
  • Clan alpha now takes half damage
  • Clan alpha ability - "Chilling Howl" - Stunds all nearby living creatures
  • If a werewolf is the alpha, the clan alpha is cleared when he is unmade from being werewolf
  • Fixed a issue with clans not being saved correctly
  • CureWerewolfWhenSlain config setting for curing a werewolf when slain
  • Fixed a untransform exception issue
  • Moon immunity and Tranform now are one maturity
  • Werewolf urges now fades with the number of fullmoons experienced (werewolf level)


  • Werewolves can now understand werewolf language even when not in werewolf form
  • Fixed CAPS being a way to avoid werewolf language
  • Less freakisk werewolf language


  • Clan members no longer does damage to eachother
  • More balanced wolf packs
  • /werewolf transform now untransforms werewolves as well
  • Killing mobs while in werewolf from now gives health again.
  • Added /werewolf clan command for checking out clan stats


  • Clans now has different effects such as speed, damage and regeneration
  • Better handling of the "fullmoon immunity" maturity.
  • There is now a minimum 10 min cooldown between transformations
  • Fixed handling of players without a clan
  • Fixed invisibility issues with werewolf players changing worlds
  • Fixed incorrect display of maturity abilities under /werewolf command
  • Added how many fullmoons you have experienced under /werewolf command
  • Added /werewolf untransform command


  • Wild werewolves now actively seeks out a werewolf to join his pack
  • Werewolf clans! No, the names are not final...
  • There are now 3 different werewolf skins!
  • Fixed Werewolf skin at world changes
  • Fixed Werewolf skin movement
  • Fixed Werewolf skin at player respawns
  • Pounce now defaults to false to prevent issues with floating skins on some servers.
  • Support for Spanish!
  • Lots of code cleanup
  • Better scaling of how many pack wolves a werewolf can have
  • Pack wolves now has twice as much health
  • Added config setting for enbling clan scores
  • Added gold immunity maturity
  • Added full moon immunity maturity
  • Added no Item drop maturity
  • Added controlled transformation maturity
  • /werewolves command now shows your maturity abilties
  • Added /werewolf transform command
  • More text. Please delete your language file and let the plugin re-download it.
  • Fixed dropArmorOnTransform setting


  • Support for Portuguese!
  • Support for Polish!
  • Support for Danish!


  • Support for MC 1.6.1
  • Fixed a language string for /werewolf cure command


  • Support for Chinese!
  • Minor cosmetic fixes


  • Added more localisation strings
  • Better handling of infection & cure potions.
  • Fixed "cloning issues" for players logging out when being in werewolf form


  • Localisation support! Make your own text in the language file within the /lang folder.
  • Added support for german (I'm not german: Please help improve it!)
  • Added support for french (I'm not french: Please help improve it!)
  • Fixed a groupname issues for players who has not transformed yet


  • Implemented a simple API. (Now other plugins can play nice with Werewolves)
  • Changed the werewolf cure to be a potion
  • New command /werewolf cure to create the potion
  • Fixed infection by /werewolf command
  • Fxied infection by biting others
  • Fixed permissio group when returning to human form
  • More fixes to the werewolf pounce


  • Fixed flying while pouncing
  • Added pounce speed config settings
  • Fixed some issues with werewolf groups


  • Werewolf groups re-implented (I.e: It now works again)
  • Werewolf potions now turns the person directly into a full werewolf instead of an infected one
  • A few more cryptic descriptions to the werewolf infection potion
  • Slightly more correct default values for night and day in config


  • Added support for HealthBar and other scoreboard changing plugins
  • Added the 'Werewolf infection potion'. Drink it and become a werewolf!
  • Added /werewolf potion command
  • Added werewolf.potion.create permission node
  • Added werewolf.potion.drink permission node
  • Fixed a bug in the auto cure feature
  • Werewolf pounce. Because werewolves do not "jump".
  • Re-implemented support for AntiCheat
  • Werewolves can now damage other werewolves (!)
  • Fixed werewolf visible for re-spawning players
  • Fixed incorrectly item in werewolf hand after transformation
  • Added damage animation for werewolf players


  • Werewolves can no longer use chainmail
  • Werewolves drops item in hand when transforming
  • A werewolf in wolf form no longer auto-pickup items when his hands are free
  • Werewolves can no longer wear any armor (it slides off when equipped)


  • /werewolf hunt now gives you a compass for your hunting
  • /werewolf hunt now can only be used when there are actually werewolves online to hunt
  • Added werewolf trophies - Slay a werewolf with a sword to get the head of the werewolf!
  • Added Trophies.Enabled config setting to enable/disable werewolf trophies
  • Plugin no longer saves to config at shutdown
  • Added AutoBountyMaximum config setting for capping the auto bounty amount.
  • Players in werewolf form can no longer pickup their armor (When DropArmorOnTransform option is enabled in config)
  • Fixed werewolf player not moving after doing a /werewolf toggle command


  • Added AutoCure feature that will automatically removed infected players who have not transformed for x amount of days (probably because they are inactive players)
  • Added AutoCureDays setting to config
  • Fixed werewolf crouch animation


  • Added "You are a werewolf" info for /werewolf command
  • Fixed werewolf cure
  • Werewolf names are now MC 1.5.1 custom names
  • Werewolf on/off command is now restricted to OP only.
  • Re-written werewolf change system


  • Updated to 1.5.2


  • Updated to 1.5.1
  • Added "You are a werewolf" info under /werewolf command


  • Added "Next full moon" counter under /werewolf command


  • Yay!! Finally implemented Moon Phases: Werewolves will now only transform during a full moon! (Which is every 8th night)
  • Any Vampire player will now automatically lose their Werewolf infection (Werewolf plugin backs off)
  • Fixed Werewolf crouching
  • Fixed issues with Werewolf toggling command
  • Performance optimizations for servers with high number of players.


  • Fixed "leftover skins" from players changing worlds or quitting
  • Fixed support for servers NOT running Vault
  • Changed from async to sync tasks
  • Some minor text color changes


  • Updated to 1.4.6
  • Updated NoCheat support (but not tested)
  • Updated Vampire support
  • Added more mobs types for feasting on
  • Defaults to superperm if no supported permissionmanager is found
  • Removed a few "r" from werewolf chatting
  • Added support for werewolves not eating new food types such as carrots and potatoes
  • Added werewolf howl sound when tranforming into werewolf form
  • Added werewolf growl sound when werewolf is chatting
  • Added werewolf growl sound when werewolf is attacking
  • New command: /howl
  • New command: /growl
  • Removed Spout support


  • Updated to 1.3.1
  • Added Permissons support: bPermissions, PermissionsBukkit, PermissionsEx and GroupManager


  • Werewolves now speak their werewolf language in chat to better remind them that they cant speak to normal players
  • Fixed some minor sources of exceptions


  • Added werewolf.check permission node
  • Fixed skin image for spout players
  • Fixed renaming of werewolves turning back into human form


  • Fixed text above heads spout players looking at werewolves
  • Fixed speed and jump for spout users
  • Fixed werewolf renaming
  • Speed and jump boosts no longer runs out for a Werewolf
  • Implemented /werewolf reload command
  • Werewolf players no longer drops handitem when turning


  • Fixed SomeWerewolf clone issue
  • Fixed werewolf.becomeinfected permission node
  • Fixed a bug when dropping items at transform
  • Fixed Werewolf howl in spout when transforming
  • Fixed some werewolf skins bugs in spout
  • Fixed some issues with AntiCheat

0.2.6 Unreleased version


  • Removed old speed and jump config settings


  • Fixed werewolf howl sound in spout
  • Fixed players not being able to eat bread
  • Implemented config option to store armor items in players inventory when turning Werewolf


  • Fixed players not being able to eat the Cure
  • Fixed /werewolf toggle command
  • Implemented world permissions: New config setting is AllowedWorlds
  • Implemented group permission support. Putting werewolfes into a specific permission group when changing. This feature requires Vault.
  • Reduced auto bounties payouts


  • Removed werewolf.seer permission node. It causes skin problems for some permission managers.
  • Fixed /werewolf toggle command


  • Cleaned up config file format (Older config files will not work)
  • Fixed player logging out while being in werewolf form and indoor being human form when logging back in
  • Fixed players not being able to eat meat
  • Fixed /werewolf infect command in console
  • werewolf.* no longer includes the werewolf.seer node. (Made alot of skin confusion)
  • Werewolves now gets health from slaying animals
  • Werewolves can now only eat meat
  • Added Servername config setting
  • Added wolf chat config setting


  • Fixed hand-to-hand damage for non-infected players on Werewolves
  • Half fall damage when in Werewolf form
  • Werewolf can now only eat meat.
  • Now even players with op cant be vampires when being werewolf (seems to confuse people)


  • Fixed command for console
  • Added command logging
  • Werewolves now gets their nicknames back when returning to human form
  • Delayed name changes to ensure correct displaynames changes

0.1.9 Unreleased version


  • Fixed Vault support
  • Added "Werewolf Urges" messages to more clearly indicate when players are infected or being full Werewolves
  • Added some missing commands in the /werewolf help list


  • Fixed permission issues for Werewolves!
  • Fixed inventory issues for Werewolves!
  • Gold is now the "silver" of Werewolves. Werewolves are vulnerable to any item made of Gold.
  • New command /werewolf top showing top 10 Werewolf hunters
  • Compass now spins wildly when hunting in a world with no Werewolves online
  • AntiCheat support
  • "werewolf.seer" for seeing werewolves in their true form
  • Fixed a bug where Vampires COULD be infected by Werewolves : No more Werevamps!


  • Fixed a bug where compass not point to a Werewolf during Werewolve hunts
  • Fixed a bug where Werewolves would never transform again after being killed


  • Implemented Werewolf hunts!
  • Added compatibility with vampire plugin: No more vampire werewolves (Thanks Cayorion!)
  • Added compatibility with NoCheatPlus: No more rubberbanding!
  • Added hunger when being Werewolf
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent running and jumping modifiers being set in some cases
  • Fixed a couple of spout achievement bugs
  • Removed debug info from the console and added a config setting for enabling it
  • Removed the dreaded "xeonbuilder" moniker


  • Cleaned up code for checking transform events
  • Fixed players losing their inventory when logging out while being a werewolf
  • Now shows untransform message to player
  • Fixed untransform on xeonbuilder instead of the actuial player
  • Fixed console werewolf command
  • Werewolf on/off commands
  • Toggle werewolf without arguments turn player self command
  • Werewolves are now un-transformed when killed
  • Fixed "Turned into human" form message


  • Fixed a bug where plugin would check for offline players being werewolves


  • Added permission nodes and commands


  • Added metrics support


  • Initial release


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