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Beware of the full moon!

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Want to contribute? Werewolf is open source!

Check out the official repository on github


To become a Werewolf, you have to get bitten (attacked) by a wolf or Werewolf at night and contract the Werewolf infection. This infection will turn the player into a Werewolf every night, starting the next night, if the player is under a open sky. To prevent turning, the player can stay inside during night.

  • When in wolf-form, character skin changes to a Werewolf skin (Only visible to other players)
  • When in wolf-form, players will become identifiable only as "Werewolf" in the playerlist and chat (Adding a element of mystery)
  • When in wolf-form, werewolves speak in a language which appears as growling noises to normal players.
  • A Werewolf automatically turns into his Wolf-form during a full moon, when under a open sky.
  • A Werewolf automatically turns into his Human-form at dawn.
  • A Werewolf only eats meat!
  • A Werewolf gains health from killing mobs (Hunting)
  • A Werewolf does high unarmed damage
  • A Werewolf moves faster
  • A Werewolf jumps higher
  • A Werewolf has night vision.
  • A Werewolf cannot wield Armor while in Wolf-form, but has a high natural defense
  • A Werewolf can growl with /growl
  • A Werewolf can howl with /howl
  • Vampires cannot be infected with the Werewolf infection
  • When a Werewolf gets killed, the player re-spawns in human form.
  • Werewolves are very vulnerable to silver weapons.
  • Werewolves are flock creatures and live in clans
  • Werewolves are the natural leaders of wild wolves
  • The Werewolf infection can be cured by drinking the werewolf cure potion

The Werewolf Clans

There are 3 Werewolf clans, each with their own skin and ability.
A werewolf will spread the infection from his own clan.
Any other infection method will result in a random clan.

Clan NameAppearanceClan Skill
The SilvermanesGrey wolfSpeed 2, Damage 3
The BloodmoonsBlack wolfSpeed 2, Regeneration 3
The WitherfangsComic WolfSpeed 4, Jump 4

A clan member can view the ranked clan member list with the /ww list command.
The three werewolf clans get points for hunting other creatures while in Werewolf form.
Slaying werewolves from another clan, and especially the another clan's alpha, earns bonus points for the clan.

Clan Alpha

The Clan alpha is the natural leader of the clan.
The Clan alpha is selected as the most "senior" of the werewolves in the clan, when the clan has lost its old Alpha.
Ways of losing the alpha are:

  • The alpha werewolf was slain by another clan member
  • The alpha werewolf has not transformed for some days and is therefore auto-cured (See the auto-cure setting)
  • The alpha werewolf has cured himself by drinking the cure potion

Alpha abilities are:

  • /howl ability has a stunning effect on all living creatures nearby
  • Double amount of damage
  • Half the amount of damage taken

Werewolf Maturity

As a werewolf, you gradually mature and gain more control over your condition depending on how many full moon transformations you have experienced:

Number of tranformationsMaturity
3You no longer drop clothes and items when transforming
5You can now transform at will with the /werewolf transform command
10Gold items no longer causes extra damage on you

Hunting werewolves

At any time, a bounty is being kept for the killing of a Werewolf.

Players can check the current bounty with /werewolf bounty and add to this bounty themselves by using /werewolf addbounty <amount>. A player can put himself into "werewolf hunting mode" by using /werewolf hunt. This helps him find the nearest werewolf simply using the compass. The player can disable "werewolf hunting mode" by using /werewolf hunt again.

The Werewolf bounty will be paid out to the first player to slay a Werewolf. Players can check the top 10 werewolf hunters with /werewolf top

NOTE: Werewolf hunting requires Vault to be installed.

Werewolf Infection Potions

A player can drink the Werewolf potion to infect himself with the Werewolf infection.
Note that drinking the infection potion must be done during a full moon!

Admins can use the /ww infectionpotion command to hand out infection potions to players

Curing werewolves

A Werewolf player can drink the Werewolf cure potion to cure himself from being a Werewolf. Note that the player can only drink the cure while in HUMAN form. (Werewolf paws do not play well with bottles).

Admins can use the /ww curepotion command to hand out infection potions to players

Wolfbane Potion

A Werewolf hunter can choose to make use of the "Wolfbane" splash potion.
This potion is brewed from silver essence and is the nightmare of any Werewolf.
On hitting a werewolf, the potion has a 25% chance of un-transforming the werewolf for the duration of the night in addition to dealing poison damage.

Lore books

Finding it hard to get players to understand all the features and rules of this plugin?
No problem, just hand out (or get players to buy) werewolf lorebooks where players can read all about the werewolf lore.

Crafting potions, swords & books

Infection Potion

Infection Potion

Cure Potion

Cure Potion

Silver Sword

Silver Sword

Lore Book

Lore Book

Signs for selling potions, swords & books

Admins or players with the correct permission nodes can place signs for selling Werewolf infection potions, Werewolf cure potions and Werewolf lore books.

Players can use these signs by simply right-clicking the sign to buy a potion or book.

NOTE: When using Vault, the selling prices from the config.yml is used. Without vault, all these signs will give away potions for free.

To use signs, first make sure signs are enabled in the config and place signs with the following lines:

Werewolf infection potion sign

  1. Werewolf
  2. Infection

Werewolf cure potion sign

  1. Werewolf
  2. Cure

Werewolf wolfbane potion sign

  1. Werewolf
  2. Wolfbane

Werewolf silver sword sign

  1. Werewolf
  2. Sword

Werewolf lore book sign

  1. Werewolf
  2. LoreBook

Werewolf trophies

Slaying a werewolf is quite an accomplishment.
After successfully slaying a werewolf with a any type of sword, the werewolf head is cut off and can be kept by the player as a trophy!


Werewolf currently supports:

LanguageAuthorConfig setting
ChinesePiggy Nightmarechinese

Simply set the "language" setting in the config.yml to any of these config settings (lower case) and the plugin will download the language file from my server at www.doggycraft.dk.

NOTE: Is there a language missing and are you are native speaker of it? Then please help by translating the language file and I will upload it for everyone to use!


Put the Werewolf.jar file in your /plugins folder and you are ready to go!

There is an additional way of infecting with the /werewolf infect <playername> to infect a specific player with the infection.
Using commands will place the Werewolf in a random clan.


NOTE: /ww can be used instead of /werewolf

werewolfShow the basic info
werewolf transformTransforms instantly into werewolf form
werewolf untransformTransforms back into human form
werewolf clanView your clan status
werewolf listViews the top 10 members in your clan
werewolf homeTeleports to your clan home
werewolf sethomeSet your clan home
werewolf check <playername>Checks whether a player is a Werewolf
werewolf bounty <playername>Checks current bounty for slaying a Werewolf
werewolf addbounty <amount>Adds to the Werewolf bounty
werewolf huntToggles Werewolf hunt mode
werewolf topViews the top 10 Werewolf hunters
werewolf infectInfects yourself with the Werewolf infection
werewolf infect <playername>Infects a player with the Werewolf infection
werewolf toggleToggles Werewolf infection for yourself
werewolf toggle <playername>Toggles Werewolf infection for a player
werewolf infectionpotionSpawns 1 Werewolf infection potion
werewolf curepotionSpawns 1 Werewolf cure potion
werewolf wolfbaneSpawns 1 wolfbane potion
werewolf silverswordSpawns 1 Silver Sword
werewolf lorebookSpawns 1 Werewolf Lore Book
werewolf reloadReloads configuration from disk

Permission Nodes

  • werewolf.* - Player can do everything below
  • werewolf.growl - Player can growl when in Werewolf form
  • werewolf.howl - Player can howl when in Werewolf form
  • werewolf.infect - Player can infect a player with the Werewolf infection
  • werewolf.infectself - Player can infect himself with the Werewolf infection
  • werewolf.transform - Player can use the transform command
  • werewolf.untransform - Player can use the untransform command
  • werewolf.clan - Player can check his clan status
  • werewolf.list - Player can view the top 10 members within his clan
  • werewolf.togglewerewolf - Player can toggle Werewolf status for others
  • werewolf.togglewerewolfself - Player can toggle Werewolf status for themselves
  • werewolf.infectother - Player can infect others with the Werewolf infection by biting (attacking) them
  • werewolf.becomeinfected - Player can become infected with the Werewolf infection
  • werewolf.bounty - Player can view the current Werewolf bounty
  • werewolf.addbounty - Player add to the current Werewolf bounty
  • werewolf.top - Player can view the top 10 Werewolf hunters
  • werewolf.hunt - Player toggle Werewolf hunting mode for himself
  • werewolf.listener - Player can understand the Werewolf language
  • werewolf.seer - Player can see a players original skin for a Werewolf player
  • werewolf.check - Player can check whether a player is infected with the Werewolf infection
  • werewolf.potion.infection.drink - Player can drink a Werewolf infection potion
  • werewolf.potion.cure.drink - Player can drink a Werewolf cure potion
  • werewolf.potion.infection.create - Player can create a Werewolf infection potion with a command
  • werewolf.potion.cure.create - Player can create a Werewolf cure potion with a command
  • werewolf.potion.wolfbane.create - Player can create a Werewolf wolfbane potion with a command
  • werewolf.silversword.create - Player can create a Werewolf silversword with a command
  • werewolf.lorebook.create - Player can create a Werewolf lorebook with a command
  • werewolf.sign.infection.place - Player can place a sign selling infection potions
  • werewolf.sign.cure.place - Player can place a sign selling cure potions
  • werewolf.sign.wolfbane.place - Player can place a sign selling wolfbane potions
  • werewolf.sign.silversword.place - Player can place a sign selling silver swords
  • werewolf.sign.lorebook.place - Player can place a sign selling lore books
  • werewolf.sign.infection.use - Player can use a sign selling infection potions
  • werewolf.sign.cure.use - Player can use a sign selling cure potions
  • werewolf.sign.wolfbane.use - Player can use a sign selling wolf bane potions
  • werewolf.sign.silversword.use - Player can use a sign selling silver swords
  • werewolf.sign.lorebook.use - Player can use a sign selling lore books
  • werewolf.home - Player can teleport to their clan home
  • werewolf.sethome - Player can set their clan home (if he is alpha of the clan)
  • werewolf.updates - Player will see update notifications


SettingDescriptionDefault Value
Werewolf.HandDamageThe multiplier for unarmed Werewolf damage8
Werewolf.ItemDamageThe multiplier for itembased Werewolf damage3
Werewolf.ArmorMultiplierThe amount of damage that a Werewolf takes compared to a normal player0.8
Infection.WerewolfBiteRiskThe risk of getting the Werewolf infection pr. Werewolf attack0.05
Infection.WildWolfBiteRiskThe risk of getting the Werewolf infection pr. Wild wolf attack0.75
Infection.CureChanceThe change of being cured when drinking the Werewolf cure potion1.00
Infection.AutoCureDaysNumber of real days without transformation, after which a player will be auto-cured. Generally used to purge inactive players from the werewolf files. Set this to 0 to disable.14
Night.StartTime of day when Werewolves will start turning into Werewolf form13000
Night.EndTime of day when Werewolves will start turning into human form23000
WerewolfGroup.EnableWhen a player transform into a Werewolf, put the player into a permission groupfalse
WerewolfGroup.NameWhen a player transform into a Werewolf, put the player into this permission group. Player will be put back into his original permission group when returning to human form."Werewolf"
AllowedWorldsList of names of worlds in which werewolves can exist<Name of the servers main world>
Settings.DisplayUpdateNotificationsShow notifications about updates to Werewolftrue
Settings.MetricsOptOutDo not send metrics to mcstats.orgfalse
Settings.AutoBountyServer will automatically add to the Werewolf bountyfalse
Settings.AutoBountyMaximumServer will automatically add to the Werewolf bounty until this limit1000
Settings.ServerNameName of the server"Your Server"
Settings.LanguageLanguage for this plugin"english"
Settings.DropArmorOnTransformPlayer will drop all worn armor items to the ground when transformingtrue
Settings.OnlyTransformDuringFullMoonIf false, players will transform every night instead of only during a fullmoontrue
Settings.WolfChatWerewolves will chat in the Werewolf languagetrue
Settings.CureWerewolfWhenSlainWerewolves are cured when slainfalse
Trophies.EnabledSlaying a werewolf with a sword will drop the head of the werewolffalse
Maturity.NoDropItemsNumber of transforms for not dropping clothes on transform4
Maturity.FullMoonImmunityNumber of transforms for immunity to full moons6
Maturity.ControlledTransformationNumber of transforms for controlled transformation8
Maturity.GoldImmunityNumber of transforms for gold immunity10
Clans.EnabledWhether werewolf clans are enabledtrue
Signs.EnabledWhether werwolf potion signs are enabledfalse
Signs.InfectionPriceThe price for buying a infection potion using a sign (when Vault is installed)1000
Signs.CurePriceThe price for buying a cure potion using a sign (when Vault is installed)500
Signs.BookPriceThe price for buying a lore book using a sign (when Vault is installed)100
Chat.PrefixThe prefix used for werewolves in the chat<Werewolf>:
Items.SilverSwordMultiplierThe multiplier for silver sword damage2.0
Items.WolfbaneUntransformChanceThe chance in percentage for untransforming a werewolf25
Items.CraftableSilverSwordCan silver swords be crafted?true
Items.CraftableLoreBookEnabledCan lore books be crafted?true
Items.CraftableInfectionPotionEnabledCan infection potions be crafted?true
Items.CraftableCurePotionEnabledCan cure potions be crafted?true
Items.CraftableWolfbanePotionEnabledCan wolfbane potions be crafted?true

Upcoming features

  • Scoreboards for showing alpha werewolves
  • Herochat integration
  • Config setting for rewarding items as bounty instead of money
  • Config setting for bounty payouts
  • More chat formatting in config
  • Werewolf names
  • Werewolf gender
  • Some way of tracking down players using smell?


This plugin contacts curse.com and checks for newer versions by using the Curse ServerMOD API.
Opting out of this service can be done by editing config.yml and changing DisplayUpdateNotifications to false.

This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.org:

A unique identifier
The server's version of Java
Whether the server is in offline or online mode
The plugin's version
The server's version
The OS version/name and architecture
The core count for the CPU
The number of players online
The Metrics version

Opting out of this service can be done by editing config.yml and changing MetricsOptOut to true.


The Werewolf Changelog is here

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