VTExtension - Add some features to VariableTriggers!

This plugin requires VariableTriggers


Please Note:

I am not the creator of Variable Triggers nor am I claiming to be. This plugin was created to offer some extra features that can be used with VariableTriggers that were not originally included.

Update: I have taken over active work on Variable Triggers, please view there for any updates related to the plugin. This plugin won't be updated anymore due to my ability to add things directly to the plugin.


  • Date and time stamps (not UNIX time like VT already offers)
  • Obtain player nicknames (display names)
  • Build strings without having to do @IF testing and choose where the string starts
  • Obtain the item name (even if you've named it with an anvil) that you are currently holding
  • Open to suggestions to add more stuff, leave a comment!


So far only one permission as everything else runs as @CMDCON besides itemname, which is @CMDOP.

  • vte.itemname

Update Log

  • (v1.0) Timestamps are in readable, normal time based on server location instead of UNIX
  • (v1.1) Removed duplicate method; updated to 1.6.1
  • (v1.2) Added @CMDOP itemname, which stores the name of the item you're holding in $itemname.current (even with custom names!)
  • (v1.2) Config option edited to enable or disable plugin


See Usage Page


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