VotifierScripts is a plugin that listens for Votifier votes and allows you to run javascript code when a vote is received (allowing for endless possibilities!) This javascript is enhanced with the power of buscript which gives access to many global functions in order to make an easy to use scripting experience. No programming experience is required, but in that case you may find this plugin harder to use than most.

This plugin requires Votifier but already comes prepackaged with buscript.

The latest development builds can always be found at http://ci.onarandombox.com/job/VotifierScripts/


Currently there's just one command

/vstest <player> [service [address [timestamp]]]
This command tests the script that is run when a vote is received.
Permission: votifierscripts.test
<player> is used to indicate a target for your script. In general, this should probably be someone that is online if you are going to use it.
The test command will always reload the vote-script.txt file so there is no need to do anything special should you modify the script.
The other 3 arguments are optional but each one requires using the one before it, so to use timestamp you have to do all 4. These will help you more fully test a vote script.


Scripts are text files that contain Javascript code. This may sound scary to people unfamiliar with coding but luckily VotifierScripts provides several easy to use methods for creating basic scripts.

The primary script that is called when Votifier receives a vote is located at plugins/VotifierScripts/vote-script.txt. You will notice this script initially comes with a simple built in sample. Feel free to modify this!

Any script that the primary script runs must be located in plugin/VotifierScripts/scripts and may have any name/file extension you like.

Script Features

  • Easy to use global functions including command running, message broadcasting, permission management and more.
  • Any string used in these global functions has access to "%target%" which represents the current target of the script. Example: broadcast("Hello, %target%")
  • The ability to run another script at a later time with 100% reliability, even if the server crashes!
  • Defines the global variable target so more advanced things can be done with the script's target.
  • The global variable server is also available which gives direct access to the Bukkit server variable just as if you were working from within a plugin!

Detailed Script Features

Global Functions and Variables
Additional Global Functions and Variables specific to VotifierScripts

Example Scripts

Simple broadcast/command sample
  broadcast("Hey everyone, %target% is a cool guy!")
  command("op %target%")
This is a simple script that tells everyone on the server what a cool guy the target (dumptruckman in this case) is and then ops them.
Timed permission sample
  message("%target%", "You have just been given flight in the creative world for 30 minutes!")
  addPerm("creative", "%target%", "flight.permission")
  runLater("remove-perm.txt", "30m", "%target%")
  message("%target%", "Your flight power has been removed, hope you weren't up there!")
  removePerm("creative", "%target%", "flight.permission")
Please note these two scripts require Vault and a Vault compatible permission manager which allows them to work even when the player is not online.
It is possible to instead use the command() function to run your own permission commands without using Vault.
Also note "flight.permission" is not a real permission. Your actual flight enabling permission may vary (or not even exist!)

Click Here for more sample scripts

Click Here for script requests

For Developers

Source code: https://github.com/dumptruckman/VotifierScripts
Maven repository: http://repo.onarandombox.com/content/groups/public/
Maven pom information:


You can add your own functionality to the scripts if you so choose. Here's how to hook into VotifierScripts:

  Plugin plugin = Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("VotifierScripts");
  if (plugin != null) {
    Buscript buscript = ((VotifierScripts) plugin).getScriptAPI();
    // Do stuff with buscript object, see documentation below

For more information about the buscript library, visit: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/buscript/


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