This plugin will teleport players to spawn when they enter the void. This is useful on hub servers that have open void that players jump into.



- Provides some details of plugin.
/vs help - Shows a list of all commands.
/vs mode (mode) [world] - Sets the mode of the current world or the world specified.
/vs modes - Lists all available modes.
/vs set [world] - Sets the spawn point for the mode 'spawn' in current world or specified world.
/vs remove [world] - Removes a spawn point from current world or specified world.
/vs reload - Reloads the plugin.

/vs toggle - toggles whether the player is teleported upon entering the void.
/vs detector (detector) [world] - Sets the world detector, defaults to Void. 
/vs options (set/clear) (option) [value...] - Set an option for the mode. 

() - Mandatory [] - Optional


vs.admin.* - Will give all /voidspawn commands
vs.admin.set - Gives /voidspawn set command
vs.admin.reload - Gives /voidspawn reload command
vs.admin.remove - Gives /voidspawn remove command
vs.admin.mode - Gives /voidspawn mode command
vs.admin.help - Gives /voidspawn help command
vs.admin.detector - Gives /voidspawn detector command

vs.admin.option- Gives /voidspawn option command

vs.* - Will grant all VoidSpawn permissions 

vs.player.toggle - Permission for /vs toggle command


color-logs Enables/Disables Colored logging

Commands Variables:
In the command mode, to run the command as op just add "op:" to the front of the command. Also, there are a few variables available.
${player.name} - The name of the player.
${player.uuid} - The UUID of the player.
${player.coord.x} - The x coordinate of the player.
${player.coord.y} - The y coordinate of the player.
${player.coord.z} - The z coordinate of the player.
${player.coord.world} - The world name the player is in.

Here is an example command: "op:effect ${player.name} minecraft:strength 45"

Commands Variables:

sound: The sound played when detected in the void
sound_volume: The sound volume
sound_pitch: The sound pitch
hybrid: Whether to run in hybrid mode (mode and command)
keep_inventory: Whether players keep inventory
message: Message sent when detected in the void
offset: The offset for the detector
command: The command(s) for either command mode or hybrid
inc_death_stat: Whether to increment the death statistic
vertical_offset: The offset from the top of the world to teleport the player
keep_velocity: Whether the player's velocity should be maintained after being teleported

There is also a worlds.yml all information for world modes and other stuff is set and saved here.


Spawn - Teleports player back to a set spawn location
Touch - Teleports player back to the spot where they touched the ground last
None - Removes any mode from the world
Island - Teleports player to their own island. Requires IslandWorld or ASkyblock
Command - Execute command(s) when the player enters the void.
Looper - Will teleport player to the top of the world at the same x,z location.


Void - (Default) Teleports players when they enter the void
Nether - Teleports players when they enter the void or go above the height of the nether bedrock.

To get the fastest response for issues or questions is to open a new ticket on github. I do not regularly keep an eye on Bukkit
Please make a ticket on github, and I will try to fix it as soon as I can.

PLEASE NOTE(V1.12.2 or below): Not Working? Do you use "*" for permissions? Make sure to negate "vs.override" in your permissions.

Please suggest some new features on github!


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