Unfalsifier - The FalseBook to CraftBook converter.

Note: This plugin was coded with not having to be updated on a bukkit update in mind. This should work forever, and if it ever stops working, I will update it.

This plugin is intended to help server owners moving from the plugin FalseBook, to the much better plugin CraftBook, if you do not use those plugins; or know what they are, do not download this.

The reason it does not list anything but IC's to convert, is that nothing else needs conversion!

The plugin searches the world for any FalseBook IC's it can convert over to use CraftBook standards, on world load, without touching existing CraftBook IC's.

NOTE: The FalseBook IC's it converts may not work with CraftBook until the server has been restarted.

To use this, just put it in the plugins folder and let it work. It may take a while to complete on larger worlds.

Current FalseBook IC's it converts are:

  • MC1025 - REL TIME MOD 2
  • MC1200 - MOB SPAWNER
  • MC1204 - XP-SPAWNER
  • MC1207 - SET BLOCK
  • MC1210 - SET P-DOOR

Once the conversion process is complete, the plugin can be deleted.

Most FalseBook IC's do not need to be converted and will work fine with CraftBook out of the box, but if you find some that do and I have not included them here, please tell me.

Detailed usage instructions (Step-By-Step)

  • Stop the server.
  • Remove FalseBook (If it is installed)
  • Install unfalsifier
  • Start the server
  • Stop the server
  • Uninstall unfalsifier
  • Install CraftBook
  • Start server.


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