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  • IMPORTANT - Putting too many chests in the world may cause the populator to crash. There is a lot of arithmetic/variables/random numbers that happen when populating chests, it's fairly intensive.
  • Version 0.2.3 released! See change log.
  • As it's been quite a long time since the update before this last one, send me pm's if you currently are running or planning to run a server.

Yet another SkyGrid plugin based off SethBling's idea.

ProsperCraft made a video series of this plugin for an earlier version. Check it out here! Find his server info in the server list.

Don't be afraid to leave feedback, suggestions or criticisms.


  • You have the option of putting Nether and normal blocks in main world or you can just do normal.
  • Everything that's possible in vanilla Minecraft should be possible with this map.
  • Chests may contain valuable materials. If you set your main world to only spawn normal blocks. Nether items will be in the nether skygrid only.
  • This plugin comes with a config file that allows you to set various options to make your world unique.
  • Recommended for use in a Hardcore-Survival mode server setup
  • More images located in the image tab above this description.
  • NetherSkyGrid and EndSkyGrid options from 0.1.9.
  • Each type of world has its own /usg home. If you arnt in skygrid it'll default to the main world. Otherwise you will goto the home of the current skygrid world type you are in.

A note from uSkyblock's Team:
For the people that don't know it yet, the uSkyblock team, have altered the config so that it can make use of the world generator of UltimateSkyGrid plugin. This way you can setup a separate server (bungee) with a grid world and all the features of uSkyblock.

More info can be found here how to set this up.


  • UltimateSkyGrid.sethome
  • UltimateSkyGrid.home
  • UltimateSkyGrid.reload


  • /usg - using this command with one of three keywords will access the commands included in the plugin.
  • /usg sethome
  • /usg home
  • /usg reload - this reloads the plugin, updating your configurations without the need to restart the server.

Use with Multiverse Core:

With Multiverse core installed simply drag the UltimateSkyGrid jar file into your plugins folder of your bukkit server.
Type /mv create SkyGrid normal -g UltimateSkyGrid This will generate your world. To get there: simply type /mv tp SkyGrid

Use with editing bukkit.yml:

This plugin has the load: startup designation in the plugin.yml file. This will allow you to assign it as your default generator to your main world.
Open bukkit.yml and below everything write:

    generator: UltimateSkyGrid
    generator: UltimateSkyGrid
    generator: UltimateSkyGrid

It is important to note in yml files not to use tab to indent. I believe bukkit.yml is set up on double spaces. so make sure each indent is only 2 spaces more than the previous one. Note: Make sure the value for World_Name: in the config.yml for this plugin matches the name of the world that your using the skygrid generator in.




  • For 0.1.5 and newer: It is important that your config.yml file associated with this plugin have the World_Name: (WorldNamehere) exactly right. Case sensitive. If your config file doesn't have this value in it. You have the 0.1.4 or before config. Either delete or change the name of your current config file and when you reload your server it should generate an up to date one. Alternatively you can copy the config.yml from inside the jar and overwrite the one in the /plugins/UltimateSkyGrid folder.


  • Because of the way the generator uses worldheight, if you set the end height and nether height to different values than your world height, you'll get an arrayOutOfBounds exception. So for now use all the same heights to combat this, until I figure out a working solution, if there is one.


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