Config Walkthrough

TreeAssist Config Walkthrough


  • Automatic Tree Destruction: true Should Automatic Tree Destruction be turned on?
  • Use Permissions: false
  • Sapling Replant: true Should salpings replant after a tree is broken?
  • Apply Full Tool Damage: true When doing automatic Tree destruction, should full tool damage be applied?
  • Ignore User Placed Blocks: false Should the plugin use measures to track player placed blocks and not count them as trees?
  • Use mcMMO if Available: true If TreeAssist finds mcMMO, should people get mcMMO Woodcutting XP for every block broken in the Tree? I suggest setting a high curve if you use this
  • Destroy Only Blocks Above: false Leave trunks if a block other than the bottom one is broken
  • Auto Plant Dropped Saplings: false Automatically plant dropping sapling items as actual sapling block
  • Toggle Default: true The default global activity state - "should players have global access to the plugin by default?"
  • Initial Delay: false Should we apply the initial delay?

Automatic Tree Destruction:

  • Required Lore: '' Add required lore in order for the plugin to work Color character: &
  • When Sneaking: true Activate the auto destruct when in sneak mode
  • Forced Removal: false Force tree removal, even if only parts of a tree were cut
  • Remove Leaves: true Trim leaf blocks
  • Initial Delay (seconds): 10 Initial seconds before the whole tree is removed (to give player time to remove it themselves)
  • Delay (ticks): 0 The automatic removal delay (after initial!; set to -1 to instantly cut it without any delay)
  • Cooldown (seconds): 0 Time in seconds to wait before doing an automated removal (set to -1 to calculate REAL removal time)
  • Tree Types: What types of trees should automatic tree destruction work on?
  • Birch: true
  • Jungle: true
  • BigJungle: true
  • BigSpruce: true
  • Oak: true
  • Spruce: true
  • Brown Shroom: true
  • Red Shroom: true
  • Acacia: true
  • Dark Oak: true

Auto Plant Dropped Saplings:

  • Chance (percent): 10 The chance of a sapling planting itself on its own; max is 100 => 100%
  • Delay (seconds): 5 Time to wait before a sapling plants

Leaf Decay:

  • Fast Leaf Decay: true Simply a true or false if it should be faster.

Sapling Replant:

  • Command Time Delay (Seconds): 30 Time limit for the "noreplant" command
  • Bottom Block has to be Broken First: true Does the bottom block have to be broken first for a replant (This doesn't matter if auto tree destruction is on!)
  • Time to Protect Sapling (Seconds): 0 How long should saplings be protected for when they are replanted by the plugin?
  • Replant When Tree Burns Down: true
  • Block all breaking of Saplings: false Prevents breaking of saplings, in general (or active worlds, if applicable)*
  • Delay until Sapling is replanted (seconds) (minimum 1 second) wait before planting saplings*
  • Enforce: false Always replant a tree's sapling*
  • Tree Types to Replant: What types of trees should automatically be replanted?
  • Birch: true
  • Jungle: true
  • BigJungle: true
  • BigSpruce: true
  • Oak: true
  • Spruce: true
  • Brown Shroom: true
  • Red Shroom: true
  • Acacia: true
  • Dark Oak: true


  • Sapling Replant Require Tools: true
  • Tree Destruction Require Tools: true
  • Tools List: The (required) materials to make the replant/autodestruct work - Use the material type
  2. - WOOD_AXE
  3. - GOLD_AXE
  4. - IRON_AXE
  5. - STONE_AXE

If you want to use tekkit or extrenal item mods, use the Item ID

  • Drop Chance: Set the chance (in percent) of the actual drop happening (only works downwards, 100 is vanilla, less means less drops)
  1. - DIAMOND_AXE: 100
  2. - WOOD_AXE: 100
  3. - GOLD_AXE: 100
  4. - IRON_AXE: 100
  5. - STONE_AXE: 100


  • Enable Per World: false
  • Enabled Worlds: World name
  1. - world
  2. - world2

Custom Drops

add custom drops to trees

  • APPLE: 0.1 every destroyed block (includes leaves) has a 10% chance to drop an apple

Placed Blocks

  • Handler Plugin Name: TreeAssist this defines the block check plugin; Valid plugins: TreeAssist, Prism, CoreProtect, LogBlock, HawkEye


Note that these are lists that are linked, so log #1 needs leaf #1 and places sapling #1

  • Custom Logs: Add item IDs that should be treated as custom logs
  • Custom Saplings: Add item IDs that should be planted when a custom log (base) is destroyed
  • Custom Tree Blocks: Add item IDs that should be treated as custom leaves, or blocks in general that have to be removed