Touchscreen Holograms


This plugin allows holograms to run commands when right-clicked by players.



  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Commands options and variables.
  • Bungeecord support (send players to servers).
  • Support for multiple commands.







The only permission to use all the commands is touchscreenholograms.admin



Plugin commands

Command                                                            Description
/touchscreenholograms or /touch or /th Main command of the plugin. Shows info about it, the version and the developer.
/touch help Shows the main commands of the plugin.
/touch add <hologram> <command> Adds a command to a hologram. You can see the properties of the commands below.
/touch remove <hologram> <commandIndex> Removes a command from a hologram at the given index. You can see the index of the commands with "/th details".
/touch details <hologram> Lists all the commands associated with a hologram.
/touch clearall <hologram> Removes all the commands from a hologram.
/touch list [page] Lists all the existing touch holograms.




Command types

By default, a command will be executed as the player who clicks. If you specify a prefix before the command (for example: "/touch add myHologram console: say Hello world") the command will have different properties.

console: <command>
The command is executed from the console.

op: <command>
The command is executed as OP.

server: <server>
Sends a player to a server, if using BungeeCord.
Example: /touch add myHologram server: hub

tell: <message>
Sends a message to a player, without using commands. Supports color codes.




You can use these placeholders in the commands, they will be replaced during execution with the current value.

  • {player} The name of the player who clicked the hologram.
  • {world} The name of world of the player who clicked.
  • {online} Amount of online players.
  • {max_players} - Max online players (server slots).


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