Touchscreen Holograms


This plugin allows you to bind commands to Holographic Displays' holograms when clicked.



  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Commands options and variables.
  • Bungeecord support (send players to servers).
  • Support for multiple commands.



From an idea of Asdjke - Video by VariationVault



The only permission to use all the commands is "touchscreenholograms.admin" (without double quotes).



Plugin commands

Command                                                            Description
/touchscreenholograms or /touch or /th Main command of the plugin. Shows info about it, the version and the developer.
/touch help Shows the main commands of the plugin.
/touch add <hologram> <command> Adds a command to a hologram. You can see the properties of the commands below.
/touch remove <hologram> <commandIndex> Removes a command from a hologram at the given index. You can see the index of the commands with "/th details".
/touch details <hologram> Lists all the commands associated with a hologram.
/touch clearall <hologram> Removes all the commands from a hologram.
/touch list [page] Lists all the existing touch holograms.




Command types

By default, a command will be executed as the player who clicks. If you specify a prefix before the command (for example: "/touch add myHologram console: say Hello world") the command will have different properties.

console: <command>
The command is executed from the console.

op: <command>
The command is executed as OP.

server: <server>
Sends a player to a server, if using BungeeCord.
Example: /touch add myHologram server: hub

tell: <message>
Sends a message to a player, without using commands. Supports color codes.


You can use these variables in the commands, and they will be replaced during execution.

  • {player} The name of the player who clicked the hologram.
  • {world} The name of world of the player who clicked.
  • {online} Amount of online players.
  • {max_players} - Max online players (server slots).




English by LockeMinecraft
Spanish by YanPerez


This plugin uses bStats, to track anonymous data about servers using this plugin. It will help the future developement, and has no impact on your server's performance. If you really want to disable it, go to the folder /plugins/bStats/config.yml and set "enabled: false".




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