Do you think a day needs to have 48 hours for all your work to do?
You don't want to be interrupted by fading out light and torches don't do the job?
But you also want to go on monster hunting in the night?
TimeFold lets you fold the time the way you want!


  • Extend/shorten the length of days/nights to an amount of your choice, even zero
    • Longer days | Have always day
    • Longer nights | Have always night
    • Shorter days/nights
  • Inconspicuous time changes
  • Multiworld support
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Detects and adapts to external time changes
  • Does not break redstone circuits or plant growing

How it works

The plugin cycles through the set amount of days and after that, through the nights.
As for the days, right before dusk, it will set the time back[1] to morning right after dawn until the specified amount of days is reached. Then the same for the nights. If less than 1 day (e.g. 0.5) is left, the time will be set to about noon (exact time is calculated).

For example, if you set it to world:3:2 it will repeat like this:
Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - (Dusk) - Night 1 - Night 2 - (Dawn)

[1] It does not really set the time back into the past (that would break redstone and growing etc) but instead, it skips the night.


Way A) Start the server once to let TimeFold create the settings file itself.
Way B) Create the directory and file yourself ("plugins/TimeFold/TimeFold.settings")

Set it up like this:


Worldnames are case-sensitive.
If you don't specify a world in the file, its day/night cycle will be [default]. If the default isn't set the time remains untouched and runs like normal.


/timefold [world] Shows you the current day/night in the cycle
/timefold reload Reloads the TimeFold plugin (Permission timefold.reload required)
/timefold version Prints out the current version

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