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What Is the Hunter Games?

Just as a quick side note, this is not related to the Hunger Games. I named it this, because the zombies are "Hunters". When the game starts, they try to "hunt" down the humans. Servers like McInfected or McWar are both fully automated with infected, and include all players on the server, just like this plugin.

How to Play

Basically, there are two teams. One team is the humans, and the other team the zombies. When the game starts, one human becomes "infected", and acquires speed and strength potion effects. He/she then tries to * all the Humans that have not been infected. But there is a catch. The zombies only have a certain amount of time to do so. If they don't, then the humans win, and the next game starts. If they do manage to infect all the humans, the game also ends, leaving the zombies victorious.


A fully automated infection/infected plugin that allows one to create multiple arenas, and play infected with the whole server! No need to type any commands to join.


  • Multiple arena support
  • Random arena selection
  • No need for players to type ANY commands to play! (except for setting arenas of course)
  • Make the plugin seem custom to any server! (Change the prefix of all the messages)
  • Configurable game time
  • Configurable amount of time before each game
  • Experience bar shows how much time left is in the game (or in the lobby)
  • Configurable kits for zombies and humans
  • Configurable potion effects for zombies and humans
  • Custom /help and /? messages
  • Scoreboard feature for the amount of humans and zombies left
  • iDisguise support (Makes the infected look like zombies)

To Do

  • Multiple classes for zombies and humans
  • Exploding zombies on death (true/false in config)
  • Arena restoration after round
  • Disable worlds
  • Suggest a feature!


  • huntergames.admin - Default: OP Gives access to /setspawn and /create

Required Plugins

Recommended Plugins

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