TARDIS v3.2.4


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    Dec 27, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8



Do not bother posting comments / tickets if you are not running the appropriate server and plugin versions - they will be deleted immediately!


  • CraftBukkit - version git-Bukkit-07c2162 (MC: 1.8) or newer


  • Spigot - version git-Spigot-612de46-07c2162 (MC: 1.8) or newer


If running the the following plugins the minimum version required is shown.

TARDISHorseSpeed is now obsolete, you need to use TARDISHelper v1.1 instead (included in the TARDIS ZIP file download).


  • Prevented disabling siege mode when the siege cube is inside a TARDIS
  • Added a rabbit HUTCH room
  • Added rabbits to TARDIS mob farming - you must grow a HUTCH room first
  • Added a mob farming player preference - must be on to farm mobs - ##/tardisprefs farm [on|off]## or use the sonic prefs menu
  • Villagers now keep their trades when farming them - requires TARDISHelper v1.1 or higher
  • You can now eject rabbits from the TARDIS
  • The Chameleon circuit now uses red sandstone when landing on red sand
  • You can now power up and check energy levels from the Control Centre GUI when the TARDIS is powered down
  • Fixed levers popping off when growing consoles and rooms
  • Fixed pressure plate locations and some minor inconsistencies in TWELFTH console schematic
  • Fixed a seed crafting duplication exploit


  • Fixes for desktop theme up/downgrading:
    • downgrading to TWELFTH console
 no longer jettisons 3/4 of the console
    • the REDSTONE console now builds at the correct level
    • better dropped item removal
    • setting torch blocks correctly
    • always teleport player to safe location
    • add control centre sign if in schematic
  • Added ability to allow a ~ shortcut for current world in the /tardistravel [world] [x] [y] [z] command
  • Changes to autonomous homing feature:
    • don't autonomous home if the TARDIS is in siege mode
    • if insufficient energy to go home, enter siege mode instead


  • Fixed a Police Box duplication bug
  • Added a /tardisadmin remove_flag command to remove the mob-spawning flag in old TARDIS WorldGuard regions (newer ones won't have the flag set) - once the command is run, this should fix the Farm, Village and Stable rooms not transferring mobs


  • The plugin now checks to see if the server is compatible and will disable itself if the (vanilla) WorldBorder class is not found
  • Fixed stone pressure plate locations in TWELFTH schematic
  • Fixed red zeroes showing in the /tardisrecipe command



  • Added new fence gates to the Sonic Screwdriver interactable block list
  • Added COARSE_DIRT and PODZOL to wall / floor blocks
  • Added basic seed blocks to the /tardisgive command - /tardisgive [player] seed [type]
  • Added an upgrade warning when changing TARDIS console types (chests and items will be deleted!)
  • You can now redefine the End and Nether buttons in the Destination Terminal to specific worlds when travel to those environments is disabled

        the_end: false
        nether: false
            redefine: [true|false]
            nether: [world]
            end: [world]


  • Autonomous homing is disabled if the TARDIS is powered down
  • The TARDIS will power down after returning home autonomously (and allow.power_down: true)

Bug fixes

  • Added missing 'e' in upgrade GUI
  • Fixed not being able to place armour stands in TARDIS worlds
  • Fixed a few misspellings in en.yml
  • Fixed ProtocolLib Keyboard packet listener not working and throwing errors on sign placement
  • Fixed the redstone upgraded Sonic Screwdriver not powering LAMPS
  • Fixed the seed block not recognising ANDESITE, DIORITE, GRANITE and their POLISHED variants as valid Chameleon blocks when crafted
  • Fixed grid not clearing when crafting a seed block



  • Added a config option to set the default preset on TARDIS creation - /tardisadmin default_preset [preset]
  • Added a Randomiser Circuit:
    • to see the recipe use the command /tardisrecipe random-circuit
    • to give the circuit use the command /tardisgive [player] random-circuit [amount]
    • put it in the Advanced Console, a random location will be chosen when the GUI is closed
    • the scanner is disabled until the random destination has been travelled to
    • the Artron cost is configurable in artron.yml - random_circuit: 150
  • Added an SQLite to MySQL conversion tool. Double-clicking the TARDIS JAR file opens the GUI.
  • Added Siege Mode - see the Siege Mode page for more info
  • Added PACKED_ICE and new 1.8 blocks to artron condensables
  • Added new 1.8 blocks to TARDIS wall / floor choices
  • Added tab completion to /tardisbook command
  • Added a cooldown to the /tardis hide command
  • Added the ability to add multiple custom TARDIS consoles - see the Custom consoles page
  • Added a TARDIS API for other plugin developers to hook into - for example TARDISVortexManipulator - see the Java Doc and API pages for more info
  • Added the Vortex Manipulator to /tardisrecipe and /tardisgive commands - /tardisrecipe vortex and /tardisgive [player] vortex [amount]
  • Added Vortex Manipulator tachyon energy to the give command - /tardisgive [player] tachyon [amount]
  • Added 4 new presets: PRISMARINE, ANDESITE, DIORITE and GRANITE
  • Added an invisibility circuit to enable invisible landing - see the Invisibility page for more info
    • to see the recipe use the command /tardisrecipe invisible
    • to give the circuit use the command /tardisgive [player] invisible [amount]
    • put it in the Advanced Console to enable the INVISIBLE chameleon preset
    • choose the preset to land invisibly on the next time travel
    • the circuit is damaged after each use - set the number of uses in the config - see the Circuit use and repair page for more info
  • Added a /tardis make_her_blue command to disengage invisibility
  • Added a control panel GUI - lots of buttons in one place - use the /tardis update control command to add it to your console
  • Added the new 1.8 doors to Sonic interactable blocks
  • Added a new Twelfth Doctor's console - use the /tardisrecipe twelfth command to see the recipe - permission tardis.twelfth - once again thanks go to killeratnight for the outstanding design :)


  • The plugin only changes the wall and floor blocks when running the Desktop Theme changer and the TARDIS type is not being changed
  • Changed the default LIBRARY room seed block to match the one in ARS - this fixes a conflict with the PLANK console seed block
  • Prevented door opening when the TARDIS is materialising
  • The Portal persister now checks for 'null' world entries - this fixes start-up errors for corrupt database records
  • Players are added to a TARDIS' WorldGuard region membership if they have the tardis.skeletonkey permission node
  • The Chameleon GUI now has three pages
  • The Admin config GUI now has two pages
  • The biome search now starts offset from the current location so that it is possible to find a Deep Ocean biome
  • If respect_worldborder is true the plugin now checks both vanilla and plugin world borders - the WorldBorder plugin takes precedence over vanilla
  • The /tardis make_her_blue, /tardis hide and /tardis rebuild now have a short materialisation
  • All circuits can be configured to be damagable - see the Circuit use and repair page for more info

Bug fixes

  • Fixed redstone torches popping off when creating the console and growing rooms
  • The plugin now prevents click-dragging in all TARDIS GUIs (fixes a duplicate items exploit)
  • Fixed Redstone TARDIS schematic so walk in/out portals work
  • Fixed a /tardis eject exploit
  • Fixed having to load the map even if just closing the Map/ARS GUI
  • Fixed the broken /tardisbook command
  • Fixed broken achievements
  • Fixed an incorrect ARS slot location
  • Fixed broken /tardis update chat interface
  • Fixed TARDIS book instructions, been a long time coming lol
  • Fixed incorrect default respect_worldguard config option
  • Fixed breaking the Police Box sign to remove TARDIS

For CraftBukkit 1.8+, no longer compatible with prior versions, and it will disable itself if a lower version is used!

You need to update TARDISHelper to version 1.1 (included in ZIP file)