• Description: Displays version and worldname.
  • Usage: /sginfo
  • Permission: survivalgames.commands.sginfo
  • Description: Manages debug settings.
  • Usage: /sgdebug <set|listen> <true|false>
  • Permission: survivalgames.commands.sgdebug
  • Description: Lists all remaining players for the world the sender is in. If a worldname is given, it will list all remaining players for that world.
  • Usage: /sgplayers [worldname]
  • Permission: survivalgames.commands.sgplayers
  • Description: Allows a player to leave the game.
  • Usage: /sgleave
  • Permission: survivalgames.commands.sgleave
  • Description: Resets the game for the given world.
  • Usage: /sgreset <worldname>
  • Permission: survivalgames.commands.sgreset
  • Description: Manages locations for the worlds.
  • Usage: /sglocation <set|save|clear> <main|arena>
  • Example: To set a main location (starting point that players gets teleported to when they join) use this "/sglocation set main". Thats saves your location as one of the main startpoints for that world. The same goes for "/sglocation set arena" except that saves an arena locaiton.
  • Permission: survivalgames.commands.sglocation
  • Description: Activates the game for the given world.
  • Usage: /sgactivate <worldname>
  • Permission: survivalgames.commands.sgactivate


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