v 1.5 (release date unknown)

- Abilities! Players will be able to find "magical" abilities at certain random locations on the map. Planned abilities are, partial-invisibility, instant healing for a certain amount of times, compass that tracks players in realtime (for a configurable time), force - the ability to push away players like fus ro dah i skyrim, and many more.

An ability can only be activated one time and after that a player can no longer pickup a new ability for the rest of the game.

Abilities can of course be disabled in the config. I also plan on making server-owners able to disable or enable abilities for certain worlds.

v 1.4.12

- The world reset should work insanely fast now due to that it now ignores to send block updates to the players.

v 1.4.11

- Updated the auto-updater to comply with the recent policy change regarding auto updates.

v 1.4.10

- Added support for Minecraft 1.7.2.

v 1.4.9

- Added support for Minecraft 1.6.4.

v 1.4.8

- Some small bugfixes and more debugging.

- Removed the compass-ability for now, will be readded and better in version 1.5.

v 1.4.7

- Grace period! A long requested feature has now been added! The graceperiod is world specific, which means each world can have their own grace settings.

v 1.4.6

- Players will no longer be able to teleport back in to gameworlds, for example by using the command /back if they don't have the "survivalgames.ignore.teleport_blocking" permission.

- Players will no longer loose the scoreboard they had when they joined the game, the plugin will reset it to their old one upon leaving.

Might be added: (delayed) I'm working on an Ability-manager that will allow players to recieve "magical" abilities, like an improved compass that updates in real-time, and partial invisibility for a certain amount of time when activated or immediate healing for a certain amount of times.

v 1.4.5

- Addad ability to track players by using the compass.

- Fixed glitch where the winners inventory wasn't cleaned.

v 1.4.4

- Fixes various NullPointerException's in config- and sign-management.

v 1.4.3

- Added support for Minecraft v1.6.2

- Added customizeable block-filter for each world.

v 1.4.2

- Added auto-updater. Updater used:

v 1.4.1

- Inventory backup! :D When a player joins a game, his/her inventory are saved to harddrive before it is cleaned. When the player leaves the game the player gets all stuff back at the exact same slots as they used to be. And since the inventories are saved to harddrive the players won't loose their inventories if the server crashes/stops while they are in a match, when they rejoin the server, they will get their inventories back.

- Minecraft 1.6 support.

- Paintings and ItemFrames are now correctly logged and reset.

- The commands /sgleave and /sgplayers are now allowed to be used by all players by default.

v 1.3

- Color-theme has been looked over, no longer looks like it was designed by a 12 year old child.

- /sgleave command now cancels the countdown for a game if the playeramount gets below the required amount to start the countdown.

- Playerstats are now saved locally to hard-drive even if database is disabled in the config.

- Enabling the database in the config only mirrors the stats to the external MySQL-database (to allow for websites to list the stats for example). It doesn't read anything from the MySQL-database.

- Playerstats for the player is listed on the right side of his screen in a scoreboard.

v 1.2.2

- Should now correctly log torches and ladders etc when they are broken off the wall.

This might fix issues with blocks not being restored. Needs heavier testing though, which my testing environment can't supply. Please immediately report any issues detected with this build.

v 1.2.1

- Fixed the countdown, it now correctly reads the amount of players required to start the game from the config.

- Added metrics.

v 1.2

- Added ability to block health regeneration for certain worlds (only blocks regen if it's because the hunger is full, still allowing potions to regen players)

- Added ability to define the amount of players the plugin will wait for before it starts the countdown for certain worlds.

v 1.1

- Fire is now removed on worldreset.

v 1.0.1

- Quick fix that adds more items to the default itemlist.yml. To have these items added to your current list, you have to delete the file and restart the server.


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