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When the ability to give items custom names and descriptions was added to the 1.4 snapshot, the Minecraft subreddit was flooded with various mockups of weapons from other games, such as Borderlands 2 brought into Minecraft. I saw this as an opportunity to make strange weapons from TF2.


  • Strange Weapons!
    • Can be created out of any item or block.
    • Can have custom names.
    • Can have custom descriptions.
    • Can track any number of statistics.
  • Steve Co. Supply Crates
    • Opened with Steve Co. Supply Crate Keys
    • Customize crate contents
    • Give a user a random item (from what you specified) when uncrated
  • Strange Parts
    • Craft these with strange weapons to make them track additional statistics!
  • Name Tags
    • Use the /tag command to pick a name, and then craft it with a strange weapon!
  • Description tags
    • Use the /tag command to pick a description, and then craft it with a strange weapon!

How This Plugin Works

Read this if you are confused This plugin aims to duplicate the item and drop systems that are built into TF2. This plugin has nearly all of the same items, strange weapons, name tags, description tags, crates, and keys as TF2 does. It also has a random drop system to go along with it.

What are all these items?

  • Strange Weapons is a weapon that tracks a number of statistics, changes it's name based on the value of the primary (first) statistic, and can have a custom name or description.
  • Name Tags can be crafted together with a strange weapon to apply the name set with the /tag command.
  • Description Tags can be crafted together with a strange weapon to apply the description set with the /tag command.
  • Strange Parts are items that can be crafted with a strange weapon to track additional statistics.
  • Steve Co. Supply Crates are specially designated crates which contain an item. Crafting this with a Steve Co. Supply Crate Key will open the crate and reveal the item inside. The contents of all crates must be customized with items and their drop weights.
  • Steve Co. Supply Crate Keys are specially designated blaze rods which are crafted with Steve Co. Supply Crates to open the crates. Initially, the crafting will only show a "Mystery Item" in the result slot, but as soon as you click on it to uncrate it will change to the real result. See this image for more details.

Suggested Uses

  • Reward players for spending time playing on your server.
  • Put strange weapons into crates and let crates drop for players. Then sell keys in an admin store, give them as rewards for voting for your server, or as gifts for donations.
  • Competitions to see who can kill the most cows, do the most damage, etc in a set period.

The Random Drop System

  • By default, players are limited to 9 item drops every week. When a player joins the server for the first time (or after any scheduled drop), the plugin will roll to determine when they should receive a drop. By default, drops happen every 30 to 70 minutes if the player has not hit the drop limit.. Just like TF2 though, if a player does not claim all of one week's drops, those drops will rollover to the next week. (This makes the limit actually 18 items every two weeks.) The items which drop can be configured with custom weight. (See the /drops command.) If a player has a full inventory, they will not receive a drop, instead they will be reminded that they need to have an open space in their inventory and the drop will be rescheduled. If you have admins on your server who are frequently vanished doing secret admin stuff, you can give them the permission strangeweapons.drop.announceexempt and their drops will only be announced to them personally. Should you not want a player to receive drops at all, you can revoke the strangeweapons.drop.dropitems and strangeweapons.drop.dropcrates permissions. Speaking of crates, the crate drop system works exactly like the item drop system, except that it runs on a seperate timer with separate limits. (Default 3 crates per week.)





If you want support, have found a bug, etc, FILE A TICKET. I cannot properly give support in the comments section.



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