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StartersQuiz is a plugin that lets players do a quiz before they can actually do anything on the server. This includes Block-Breaking, Blockplacing and chatting at the moment but might get more later on. Players have to answer question that the admin has set up. You can make either Multiple-choice questions or question where players have to fill in something (Multiple-choice recommended).


  • Blocking certain abilities for players who have not finished the quiz yet.
  • Configurable quizes
  • Multiple quizzes
  • Players can retry their current quiz.
  • You can configure the maximum amount of attempts per quiz and default.
  • Instead of the right amount of questions, you now have to configure the percentage to pass.
  • It automatically checks whether a player passed or not.
  • Permissions support
  • Configure if a player has to be promoted to a different group when finsished.
  • Configurable ban time in seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks
  • Blocked actions can be configured
  • Players can answer without using the /sqanswer command. (Can be configured, default: false)
  • You can reward players with money and items
  • You can remove permissions from a player
  • You can give players permissions
  • Players can be permanently banned now
  • Multiple bantimes can be configured

NOTE: Permissions are added and removed to and from each world apart, no global permissions are being used.

NOTE2 (For Groupmanager users): StartersQuiz only promotes to the group in the current player's world. Use GroupManager's mirroring to promote in other worlds too. Another way is too make different quizzes for different worlds if you do not (want to) use mirroring.

Planned Updates

  • Permissions support
  • Configurable limited amount of attempts
  • Configurable action when a player does not pass the quiz.
  • When you extend the quiz and the player wants to retry, let him retry from where he finished before he had to do it again instead of the whole quiz.
  • Add the possibility to add a player to group.
    • And also the possibility to add permission to the user only.
  • Possibilty to make more than one quiz/test
  • Add a reward, items or money

Version 3 updates

  • Re-configure commands
  • Add a /sqreload command
  • An overview for players (and admins) to view the results etc.

Let me know when you have some more ideas.

How To Install StartersQuiz

Installing StartersQuiz is very simple. Unpack and create new quizes like the one in the quizzes folder. Take a look at the example as it shows you how to configure the quizzes.

You also need Vault in order to let it work. To be sure you have the latest version of vault go to Vault's own BukkitDev page.


  • /sq or /sqhelp - Show the help page/commands.
  • /sqstart - Start the quiz
  • /sqquestion - Show the current question.
  • /sqanswer [A|B|C|etc.] - Give an answer to the question.
  • /sqretry - Retry the quiz
  • /sqreload - Reload the plugins files

Permission nodes

  • - Gives access to the '/sq' and '/sqhelp' commands
  • sq.start - Gives access to the '/sqstart' command.
  • sq.question - Gives access to the '/sqquestion' command
  • sq.answer - Gives access to the '/sqanswer' command
  • sq.retry - Gives access to the '/sqretry' command
  • sq.quiz - Gives you all of the above permissions. (NOTE: if the plugin does not work try to add the above permissions instead of this one)
  • sq.quiz.[Quiz name] - Gives the user or group this quiz (You can only give one quiz to a group/user.
  • sq.exclude.[Quiz name] - Excludes player or group from the specified quiz.

Do NOT use sq.* as it will also exclude you from a quiz. Instead use 'sq.quiz' to give a player or group all the quiz permissions and commands. OPs are always excluded so if you want to test you have to give the right permissions to a test group or something like that. And last but not least, permissions are CaSe-SeNsItIvE so check you quiz names before giving permissions.

Known Bugs

  • With the current config QuestionsEveryXsec does not work. Change Questions to Question. The option should be QuestionEveryXsec.
  • You have to add a possible answers at your quizzes at Answers. To leave it blank add - ' ' that prevents the plugin to give you errors on the server.log file.
  • Please submit ticket when you find one (or more:))


View the changelog here.


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