Spawn Protect

This plugin will protect your spawn against all sorts of griefing including: 

breaking of blocks, placing of blocks, forming of blocks (flowing water), moving of blocks(with dispensers) and much more!

Players will not receive any kind of damage.



- Protects the plugin against all violations.

- Protects players of all damage.

- Custom spawn borders (square)

- Custom message on entering / leaving the spawn



/SpawnProtect: displays all commands with explanation. (permission: spawnprotect)
/SpawnProtect disable: disables the plugin, i.e. for changing the spawn. (permission: spawnprotect.disable)
/SpawnProtect enable: re-enables the plugin, spawn is again protected. (permission: spawnprotect.enable)
/SpawnProtect setnw: set the north-west corner of the spawn. (permission: spawnprotect.setnw)
/SpawnProtect setse: set the south-east corner of the spawn. (permission: spawnprotect.setse)

/SpawnProtect setspawn: sets the spawnpoint to this exact location. (permission: spawnprotect.setspawn)


Additional permissions:

spawnprotect.editspawn: enables you to modify the world inside the spawn without having to disable this plugin (as requested by mrcryingobsidian)



1. Drag and Drop the plugin in the plugins folder + reload the server

2. Set the boundaries for the spawn using /spawnprotect setnw and /spawnprotect setse

3. Edit the messages in the customConfig.yml if you want and reload

After this the plugin will be setup and ready for usage!


TODO: (if requested)

- /spawn command with cooldown for teleporting to the spawn

- multiple spawn points?

Do you have an idea? I am open-minded for all suggestions!


If you encounter any bugs/problems with this plugin or have any suggestions/ideas,

don't hesitate to contact me!

Now i'm not new to Bukkit programming anymore. You can 'hire' me for small plugin requests if you want.


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