SkyFall v0.1.0

This plugin allows you to link worlds and define for every world the worlds located "under" and "above" of it. For example if your server has a Skylands world you can link it with normal world. Then if your player jumps from the skylands to void he will teleported to top level of the normal worlds.



  • Linking worlds by defining under and above worlds
  • Worlds size matters: when defining worlds you must set it coordinates and player will not fall out the borders
  • Allows to link an unlimited number of worlds

Why do I want it?

You can link worlds and define worlds "levels". You can create a great way from one world to another: for example you can create places where player can gain access only when jumping from skies.

How to use it?

  • Install
  • Define worlds using commands or edit config files manually
  • Jump to the void


  • /skyfall help - display help and command list
  • /skyfall сfg - display current configuration
  • /skyfall list - display worlds links
  • /skyfall reload - reload configuration from file
  • /skyfall clearworldlinks - delete all worldlink settings and create new configuration
  • /skyfall area [world] <x1,z1 x2,z2> - define world perimeter coordinates for defined world (if "world" not defined will be use player's world)
  • /skyfall under [world] <under world> - set link between "world" and "under world". If player will fall from the "world" he will be teleported to "under world".
  • /skyfall above [world] <above world> - set link between "world" and "above world". If player will fly up from the "world" he will be teleported to "above world".
  • /skyfall height <height> - set the world height (default - 255).
  • /skyfall depth <depth> - set the world height (default - 0).
  • /skyfall locfall [name] - create fall-in teleport point
  • /skyfall locclimb [name] - create climb-in teleport point
  • /skyfall clearfall [world] - remove all fall-in teleport point
  • /skyfall clearclimb [world] - remove all climb-in teleport point
  • /skyfall fallin [world] - toggle fall-in teleportation in defined (or current world)
  • /skyfall climbin [world] - toggle climb-in teleportation in defined (or current world)
  • /skyfall fallrnd [world] - toggle random fall-in teleportation
  • /skyfall climbrnd [world] - toggle random climb-in teleportation
  • /skyfall linktime [world] - toggle time synchronization or synchronize time of current world with defined

Configure world links manually

Here is example of file worldlinks.yml. This file is define three worlds: world, skylands and worlds_the_end. World

  x1: -1000
  z1: -1000
  x2: 1000
  z2: 1000
  height: 255
  depth: 0
    under: world
    above: world_the_end
  x1: -1000
  z1: -1000
  x2: 1000
  z2: 1000
  height: 255
  depth: 0
    under: ''
    above: skylands
  x1: -150
  z1: -150
  x2: 200
  z2: 150
  height: 127
  depth: 0
    under: skylands
    above: ''

SkyFall translation

It is possible to use language files to translate SkyFall messages.

Available translations:

  1. English - default (sorry for my english)
  2. Russian (Русский)

Download links of language files was removed due to the fact that the devbukkit rules does not permits the using Dropbox service for providing language text files. If you need language files you can ask me and I will send you file or download link.


skyfall.config - allows to use commands to configure the worlds links skyfall.relocation - allows player to fall our or climb into the linked worlds.

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