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Sky-Block Wars is a plugin that allows 4 teams to go head to head on 4 sky-blocks. It is a fully automated plugin apart from setting up the arenas and has a in game scoreboard and leader board to show who is the ultimate warrior. Arenas auto reset and once setup should be fully automated and not need any attention.

Schematic got approved but they forgot the jar. Sorry for the delay.

Beta Servers


  1. Download the version of Sky-Block Wars you want (latest builds will have bug fixes).
  2. Place the .jar file into your server's plugin directory.
  3. Restart the server to generate the necessary files/
  4. Make your changes to the config.
  5. Done. Start making your arenas.
  6. Until i make a new video i recommend not doing expand vert and just setting two points around the arena allowing room for movement around the chests, under and above the islands.
  7. P.S Don't forget to set your lobby.



Got a problem or found a bug?

  • If you find a bug or have a problem please make a ticket.
  • If your problem is needing my direct attention PM me.


This plugin is on github, feel free to contribute and add more features.


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