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SMC Stands for "Simple Mob Catcher", this mod is aimed at those server owners who want their players to be able to legitimately get mob spawn eggs and trade them. I will take suggestions to add to this mod, but please keep in mind that this is a simple mob catcher plugin, another plugin on here called MobCatcher I found to be too complex, has a lot of things I would never use. So this plugin is basically that plugin, but stripped down to the basic essentials.

Note direct download links below will always point to the latest version which may or may not be approved by Bukkit yet, but if you can spare 5 seconds of your time it's greatly appreciated if you click the "Support Download" button instead.


  • Capture any! Mob
  • SuperPerms support
  • Item removed on catch(configurable)
  • Economy Support
  • Much more to come...

How to Use

Step 1: Download and put in servers plugin folder.

Step 2: Add permissions!

Step 3: Restart your server and it works!

Step 4: Configure

Step 5: By default you capture mobs by right clicking them with a stick.


  • item cost support
  • percent chance to catch
  • more to come...


If you are having an issue with the plugin please submit a ticket to our issue tracker. If you post your problem below I cannot guarantee a fast and efficient response or solution. Plus if you visit the issue tracker you may find there is already a solution to your problem.



-added capturing of horses and donkeys -option to take away item used to capture -fixed bug where user didn't have enough money but would still get the egg


-Fixed /SMCreload not working correctly and outputting an error. -Fixed Economy Cost and Balance displaying even when economy was disabled -Fixed Error on Startup if Vault was not installed -Fixed inabillity to capture mobs if vault was not installed wether economy was enabled or not -Fixed inabillity to capture mobs if economy was not installed -fixed inabillity to use /smcreload to enable/disable economy -Added Messages in startup to help user identify possible issues.

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