The default configuration can be found here: Default configuration from version 7.1.1

Normally the config.yml is already commented, this page provides even more details.

General settings

# Should the plugin automatically update if an update is available?
autoUpdater: true

# Should a permission be required when a spawner explodes by TNT to achieve a drop
permissionExplode: true

# Should be checked for WorldGuard build ability to change spawners (only if WorldGuard is present)
useWorldGuard: true

# When generic spawner items are placed, spawn this creature (e.g. from /give or other plugins)
# PIG (90) is Minecraft default (put NAMES or IDs (for Minecraft <1.13 here!)
defaultCreature: pig # How far is the spawner reachable with your crosshair spawnerCommandReachDistance: 6 # Should spawners be unstackable spawnersUnstackable: false # Configure displaying with BarAPI, time is in seconds barAPI: enable: true displayTime: 3
# Configure displaying with 1.9 BossBarApi, time is in seconds
enable: true
displayTime: 3

color: RED

style: SOLID
# Prevent that a spawner is changed via eggs in other territories. Supported are Factions, Faction3 and FactionsUUID
factionsSupport: false
# Amount of spawners or eggs given to a player when the argument is omitted
defaultAmountGive: 1

Destroying spawners

# Percentage of dropping a spawner block when TNT or creepers explode
explosionDropChance: 30

# Minimum silk touch level [can be changed via other plugins to a higher value]
# Set it to 0 to mine it without silk touch
minSilkTouchLevel: 1

# If a player in creative destroys a spawner nothing is dropped
noDropsCreative: true

# If a spawner is destroyed, should the egg be dropped
destroyDropEgg: false

# If a spawner is destroyed, should XP be dropped
destroyDropXP: 0

# Drops XP only when a spawner is destroyed and not mined via SilkTouch
dropXPOnlyOnDestroy: false

# If a spawner is destroyed, should iron bars be dropped
destroyDropBars: 0

# Flag a spawner as already mined to prevent XP duping
preventXPFarming: true

# Percentage of dropping a iron bars when a spawner is mined
destroyDropChance: 100

# Percentage of dropping an egg when a spawner is mined
eggDropChance: 100

# Percentage of dropping the spawner when mined
silkDropChance: 100
# If a spawner is mined, should it be directly added to the inventory of the player
dropSpawnerToInventory: false
# Amount of spawners to be dropped when mined with valid silk touch
dropAmount: 1
# If the inventory of a player is full, drop spawners/eggs from /ss give on the ground
spillSpawnersFromCommands: false
 # Allowed set of tools which can mine a spawner. IDs are supported, too

Crafting spawners

# Should the player be able to craft spawners
craftableSpawners: false

# Leave a slot empty (null/air)? Just make a space then, example 'A A' -> middle is free
# X is always the egg
recipeTop: 'AAA'
recipeMiddle: 'AXA'
recipeBottom: 'AAA'
recipeAmount: 1

# You can put IDs or the NAME here (please uppercase)
# Add it for each custom ingredient you add, too!
# Custom example:
#recipeTop: 'A A'
#recipeMiddle: 'BXA'
#recipeBottom: 'C D'
#  - 'B,DIRT'
#  - 'C,2'
#  - 'D,5'

Fallbacks and egg configuration

# Should the egg be consumed when the spawner is changed with it
consumeEgg: true

# Should instead of spawning a mob a MonsterSpawner be placed? (Uses consumeEgg value, too)
spawnEggToSpawner: false

# Should the spawn algorithm be overridden? Allows spawning of non-standard entities
spawnEggOverride: false

# Fallback if the creature should be enabled, if not specified for the entity
enableCreatureDefault: true

# Fallback if the creature should be spawned, if not specified for the entity
spawnEggOverrideSpawnDefault: true

Information about spawners

# Notify the player about the spawner when he clicks it in the inventory
notifyOnClick: true

# Notify the player about the spawner when he holds the spawner in the hand
notifyOnHold: true

Settings for the creatures (in mobs.yml)

# An optional list of aliases to recognize as alternate names for the mob
creatures.X.aliases: 'Here will be some standard aliases'

# The human-readable name of the mob
creatures.X.displayName: 'Sometimes the internal name is different from the common name'

# If false, this entity is skipped entirely and not recognized by SilkSpawners
# Useful to exclude non-mob entities. If this key is missing, *enableCreatureDefault* will be checked instead
# Note that entities not auto-detected are always skipped, so this key is safe to leave false for entities for mods you don't have installed
creatures.X.enable: true

# If *craftableSpawners* is enabled (see above), then a crafting recipe will be enabled for this mob unless this config option is false.
creatures.X.enableCraftingSpawner: true

# If *spawnEggOverride* is enabled, allow spawn eggs to be used for this creature. Set to false to block spawn eggs.
# If this key is missing, *spawnEggOverrideSpawnDefault* will be checked instead.
# Note that if *spawnEggOverride* is disabled, this option has no effect.
creatures.X.enableSpawnEggOverrideAllowSpawn: true

Custom recipes, name and explosion chance per mob
If an entry is not specified in the mobs.yml, the config.yml default value will be used

# You know these ones...
  - sp
  - bug
  enable: true
  enableCraftingSpawner: true
  enableSpawnEggOverride: true

  # The new part begins
    # Define the custom amount here
    amount: 3
    # Again the shape with spaces --> air/not used
    top: 'AAA'
    middle: 'AXB'
    bottom: 'C C'
    # Set the ingredients with IDs or names
      - 'A,IRON_FENCE'
      - 'B,DIRT'
      - 'C,1'

   # Specify custom explosion drop chance for this mob
  explosionDropChance: 30

  # Specify own name for the mob
  spawnerName: '&5Spider &3Spawner'

Debug and internal stuff

# Check for spigot.yml and paper.yml flags that conflict with SilkSpawners
checkForNerfFlags: true

# Puts more information out on startup and interactions, such as block placement and breaking
verboseMode: false
# Internal stuff, do NOT change unless advised - the plugin will break otherwise useReflection: true
tesMCVersion: true
useMetadata: true


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