You can either give per-type permissions or allow access to all permissions if you grant a wildcard (*) permission


  • silkspawners.* (false) - Grants access to all other permission (including other wildcard permissions)
  • (true) - Allows you to see informative messages about the spawners as you place and break them
  • silkspawners.viewtype (true) - Allows you to view the spawner type using /spawner
  • silkspawners.reload (op) - Allows you to reload the plugin and configuration
  • (true) - Allows you to see the help menu

Placing spawners

  •* or<creaturetype> (false) - Allows you to place a spawner

Crafting spawners

  • silkspawners.craft.* or silkspawners.craft.<creaturetype> (false) - Allows you to craft a spawner

Mining spawners

  • silkspawners.silkdrop.* or silkspawners.silkdrop.<creaturetype> (false) - Allows you to use silk touch to acquire mob spawner items
  • NEW: silkspawners.nosilk.* or silkspawners.nosilk.<creaturetype> (false) - Allows you to use any tool to acquire mob spawner items. BYPASSES/OVERRULES the silktouch and pickaxe check!
  • silkspawners.destroydrop.* or silkspawners.destroydrop.<creaturetype> (false) - Allows you to destroy mob spawners to acquire mob spawn eggs / iron bars / XP (as configured)
  • silkspawners.explodedrop (false) - Allows you to receive drops from exploded spawners

Changing spawners

  • silkspawners.changetype.* or silkspawners.changetype.<creaturetype> (false) - Allows you to change the spawner type using /spawner [creature]
  • silkspawners.changetypewithegg.* or silkspawners.changetypewithegg.<creaturetype> (false) - Allows you to change the spawner type by left-clicking with a spawn egg

Free spawners

  • silkspawners.freeitem.* or silkspawners.freeitem.<creaturetype> (false) - Allows you to get spawner items in your hand for free using /spawner [creature]
  • silkspawners.freeitemegg.* or silkspawners.freeitemegg.<creaturetype> (false) - Allows you to get a spawner egg in your hand for free using /egg [creature]

List of entities
All permissions are lowercase! If the name contains a space, the permission will be WITHOUT the space


Name of the entity Permission node (default) Notes
  As of SilkSpawners v6.4.0 all ALIASES defined in the mobs.yml, work too!  
Creeper creeper  
Skeleton skeleton  
Spider spider  
Giant giant  
Zombie zombie  
Slime slime  
Ghast ghast  
PigZombie / Zombie Pigman / Zombified Piglin


zombifiedpiglin (>=1.16.x)

Displayname is different from internal minecraft name
Enderman enderman  
Cave Spider cavespider  
Silverfish silverfish  
Blaze blaze  

Lava Slime / Magma Cube

magmacube Displayname is different from internal minecraft name
Ender Dragon enderdragon Be careful!
Wither Boss witherboss Be careful!
Witch witch  
Endermite endermite  
Guardian guardian  
Shulker shulker  
Illager illager  
Vindicator vindicator  
Evoker evoker


Vex vex  
Skeleton Horse skeletonhorse  
Zombie Villager zombievillager  
Stray stray  
Zombified Horse zombifiedhorse  
Wither Skeleton witherskeleton  
Husk husk  
Elder Guardian elder_guardian  
Illusioner illusioner  
Drowned drowned  
Phantom phantom  
Pillager pillager  
Ravager ravager  
Hoglin hoglin  
Zoglin zoglin  
Piglin piglin  
Strider strider  
Piglin Brute piglinbrute  
Bat bat  
Pig pig  
Sheep sheep  
Cow cow  
Chicken chicken  
Squid squid  
Wolf wolf  
Mushroom Cow / Mooshroom mooshroom Displayname is different from internal minecraft name
Snow Man / Snow Golem snowgolem Displayname is different from internal minecraft name
Ozelot / Ocelot ocelot Displayname is different from internal minecraft name
Villager Golem / Iron Golem irongolem Displayname is different from internal minecraft name
Villager villager  
Horse (generic, <1.11) horse Displayname is different from internal minecraft name
Rabbit rabbit  
Polar Bear polarbear  
Donkey donkey  
Mule mule  
Parrot parrot  
Dolphin dolphin  
Cod cod  
Salmon salmon  
Pufferfish pufferfish  
Tropical Fish tropicalfish  
Turtle turtle  
Cat cat  
Fox fox  
Panda panda  
Trader Llama traderllama  
Wandering Trader wandering_trader  
Bee bee  
Goat goat  
Glow Squid glow_squid  
Axolotl axolotl  


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