SKIP SOME VERSIONS!(Visit Forums for Complete ChangeLog)
Version 8.5
-Updated Fly Command
-Merged all event classes
-Fixed onPlayerInteractEvent - (The Spam of Console)
-Removed ToolLast Command

Version 7.5
-Clean Ups
-Renamed packages.
-New Menu, Command Lists only show if player has permission for them

Version 7.0
-Added API for Sidekicks menu
-Fixed GameMode permission bug allowing players with Sidekick.creative and Sidekick.survival to change other users gamemode. Fixes SIDEKICK-7.
-Implemented optional extra argument for /ChangeName, if user has permission, user can use /Changename [Player] [Name]. Addresses SIDEKICK-3.
-Fixed /Message and /Warn giving console error with few arguments. Fixes SIDEKICK-1.
-Added Permission node for /Save. Addresses SIDEKICK-10.
-Made item Value listing more efficient in the config.
-Updated SideKicks menu, now uses API
-Improved TP command
-Added ability to God Other players(Sidekick.god.other)
-Fixed Unknown command message.
-Implemented Economy API
-Code Clean up
-Added Back API
-Added /Back
-Implemented /Give [Player] [Item] <Amount> (Optional arugments: [Player] <Amount>) Should work with TMI mod.
-Removed commands /Join, /Quit, /Beware, /Send, /Mode Change, /XP, /Dehydrator

Version 6.1
-Fixed page number error
-Removed Shotgun Command
-Fixed why some mobs won't spawn.
-Changed broadcast of PvP command
-Fixed why senders name was in message and warnings
-Tweak on Menu
-Updated Personal Enchantment API
-Added message for /Heal if healing yourself.
-Compatible with 1.2.5-R1.0
-/Creative and /Survival now has optional arguments as /(Creative/Survival) [Player]
-New way to list worlds /Worlds or /List Worlds
-Added Basic Calculator Command
-Added new argument for Tp, now can use /Tp [Player] or /Tp [Player] [Player]
-Re-coded PvP command
-Fixed ALL Kick and Ban commands not working in console. (Removed from SideKick)

Version 6.0
-Compatible with craftbukkit-1.2.4
-Fixed Version Mistake
-Updated Mobs
-Implemented all new code with 1.2.4
-Updated Items
-Fixed Arrow shooting, Occurred on builds for R7 and above.
-Added ability to use more arguments on SideKick Menu; /SideKick [Page]
-Fixed ban command
-Added Message if too many arguments is present.

Version 5.0 Patch
-Support for 1.2.3-R7

Version 5.0
-/List Worlds - Now list worlds normally
-Clean Up
-Fixed any Op/DeOp issues
-Added Custom PotionEffect HashMap
-New Commands
Commands Added
-/PotionEffect ?
-/PotionEffect <PotionEffect>
-/PotionEffect <Player> <PotionEffect>

Version 4.6
-Typing Just /Tp without the actually /Tp <user>
-Same applies to all teleporting commands
-Clean up on Menu
-Updated to R-4

Version 4.5
-Added Wear Commands(Fun Section)
-Cleaned up Code
-Fixed Menu Error(Saying Page 6 instead of 7)

Version 4.0
-Upgraded to new RB
-New Events

Version 3.1
-Added Data Values :1 , :2 etc to items
-Checked if File Exists on /Create <File> <Output>
-Files now go in SideKick Folder

Version 3.0

-Removed "SideKick" Popup message
-Added a File Creator in Game

Version 2.9
-Code Cleanup
-→ Commit
Version 2.8
-Implemented Setting Pvp on or off in Certain Worlds /Pvp <on/off> & /Pvp <Worldname> <On/Off>
-Upgraded/Added Into Old Commands and Code
-Set Correct Version on Startup/Stop

Version 2.5
-Fixed GodMode Glitch
-Added Fixed/Auto Listed Items in Config to Edit Prices of Items
-Updated HashMap
-Added A WorldEdit command /Add Under <Block> <X> <Y> <Z>

Version 2.0
-Fixed (Money) Economy not saving on Server startup/close
-Fixed World Travel, (Closing Server and not being able to Travel to the world)
-Implemented Economy; Selling Items (Edit Items and prices in Config)
-Added 1.0 Items
-Added New Mobs/Animals/NPC to Spawn
-Fixed Economy StackTraced Error
-Added Config for New Server Build
-Config for: World Listing, Players names and Money, Rules
-Added New Command
-Updated Some Minor Commands
Version 1.8.3
-Fixed Some Minor Bugs

Version 1.8.2
-Added More Mobs to spawn
-Added on To MysteryBox
-Added Shortcuts to Items
-Leaves now have a chance of dropping leaves,golden Apples(Small % Chance)
-Added Block Placing Anti Griefing Log
-Fixed World bug

Version 1.8
-Added New Commands
-Added Way new feature to control players
-Added Anti Grief Cmd Logs

Version 1.6
-Added SetSpawn and Spawn Command
-Added To MulitWorld Command
-Tweaked Some Old Commands
-Added the MultiWorld Command to Sidekick page 3

Version 1.5
-Added Some Chat & Server Commands
-Added Randomly Dropped Golden Apples
-Added Some Item ShortCuts and Names
-Added Command to Send Items Through Command

Version 1.1
-New Player receiving Items Command
-Added Some Extra Commands to Sidekick6 (Page Six)
-Added Custom Ban Message
-Added Private Messaging Command (Mail/Instant Messaging)
-Fixed Very Small Bug in /Kick <Username>
-Versions 0.1 to 1.1!

Version 0.9

-Added New Manage Commands
-Added Menu 6
-Added Ban Commands
-Fixed All "Internal Error" Problems
-New Menu Look
-Remove the need of command /both <Prefix> <Suffix> to have Both

Version 0.8.5
-Added New Commands
-Added Chat Command
-Updated to 1240
-Plus More! Look Above

Version 0.8:
-Added Healing Other instead of just you
-Added World Generator /Worldgen <Type> <Name>
-Added World Teleporter /GoTo <WorldName>
-New Menu!
-Added New Command Layout arguments example /time <day/night> + Alot more
-Added Command Broadcast <Message> + More
-Added New Chat Commands
-Added New Nodes

Version 0.5:

-Custom Rules Config *Editable
-Eco System
-All 1.8 Items Updated
-More Anti Griefing Modes
-Added Data Values to spawn items *Also can use names example. /i stone
-Added Changename to anyname at all
-Added More Server Commands

version 0.4
-More Manager Commands
-Eco System
-AntiGrief Commands

version 0.3.5
-Added AntiGrief Command
-Added More Manger Commands, and Fun Commands + GodMode
-Added Permission Node for God Mode

version 0.3.1
-Added Teleport and Teleport Shortcut Permission Nodes
-Added Teleport Shortcut Command

version 0.3
-More commands
-Attending other world by command

version 0.2:

-Added More commands
-More Nodes
-World Gen's

version 0.1



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