Showcase is the shopping plugin of your choice! It offers highly visible, easy to use shops which are represented by dropped items on slabs.

When using Showcase, you shouldn't get in touch with any command, because Showcase doesn't has commands. All you need to remember is to sneak, right click on a halfstep (aka slab) and a simple assistant will guide you through the setup process.

It's even easier for your users. They just have to click on that shop and again an assistant will lead them through the shopping process


  • Showcase items on a halfstep block
  • Items in a showcase can't be picked up
  • Multiple Showcase types to use:
    • Basic - displays the item and nothing more
    • Finite - sets up a shop with finite resources
    • Infinite - a shop with infinite resources
    • Exchange - Exchange items instead of money
    • Tutorial - show some text on click
  • WorldGuard support (will not allow creation of showcases without build permission in that area)
  • DropChest support (disables picking up items from DropChests)
  • Localization
  • Supported Economy Systems:
    • iConomy
    • BOSEconomy
    • EssentialsEconomy
    • MultiCurrency

How to use

Create a Showcase

  1. Build a slab
  2. Sneak
  3. Right click on that slab
  4. Follow the instructions of the assistant

Remove a Showcase

  1. Sneak
  2. Right click on the Showcase


ActionPermission NodeWithout Permissions
Create ShowcaseBasicshowcase.basicPlayer
Finite Shopshowcase.finitePlayer
Infinite Shopshowcase.infiniteOp
Remove a Showcase of another playershowcase.adminOp


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