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This idea was taken from this plugin request.

What is this? SheepKill is where players start out with nothing. They shear as many sheep as they can, but instead of dropping wool, the sheep drop items, such as swords, bows, arrows, food. Once all the sheep are gone, or the timer runs out, PVP is turned on. The last man standing wins! Sounds easy, right? Well, it is. The sheep, however, might not always drop something, so don't think you have a guaranteed win.


  • Multiple Arenas
  • Automatic starting once certain amount of players join
  • Rewards for winning (items, economy money...)
  • Once I think of more, I'll put them here


  • /sk join <arena> - join an arena
  • /sk leave - leave the arena you are in
  • /sk list - list the arenas
  • /sk createarena - automatically creates an arena from a worldedit selection (must include lobby)
  • /sk setwarp <arena #> <arena | lobby | lose | win>
  • /sk delete <arena #> - delete an arena
  • /sk force <start | end> - Round starts with this command
  • /sk forcedeathmatch <arena #> - forces the death match
  • /sk settimer <arena #> - sets the timer until death match

Any more ideas for commands? Put it in the comments below. Note: Signs will be used as well for joining.

Sign Format:
Arena 1


  • sheepkill.user.join
  • sheepkill.user.leave
  • sheepkill.user.list
  • sheepkill.admin.create
  • sheepkill.admin.setwarp
  • sheepkill.admin.delete
  • sheepkill.admin.settimer
  • sheepkill.mod.force.start
  • sheepkill.mod.force.end
  • sheepkill.mod.force.deathmatch


Vault - For rewards and other basic stuff
WorldEdit - For arena creation


  • Begin Plugin
  • Arena setup commands (10%)
  • Basic player and mod commands (0%)
  • Sheep spawning and drops (0%)
  • Configuration (0%)
  • Overall Progress (2%) Sorry I haven't been working on this in a while. I just had to work on my server and I kinda lost interest for a while. But now I'm gonna finish this.


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