ScriptBlock Permissions system allow have a lot of customisation.
You can use simple permissions nodes if you are admin and want full power, without taking the time to set up all the permissions for your players. Or you can take the time, and fully customize the way you want your players to use ScriptBlock.

Global Nodes :

  • scriptblock.*
    provides full power ! All commands and options are availlable with this node.
  • scriptblock.interact.*
    provides full power on interact scripted blocks ( but not on "walk triggered" ones).
  • scriptblock.interact.use
    allow the user to use scripted blocks, but not to create one !
  • scriptblock.interact.command.*
    provides the ability to use all "interact" scriptblocks commands.
  • scriptblock.interact.command.CommandName
    provides the ability to use the mentioned ScriptBlock command ( replace "CommandName" by the ScriptBlock command you want. Commands are : create, add, remove, view, reload )
    exemple: "scripblock.interact.command.create" will allow the user to only use the "create" command.
  • scriptblock.interact.option.*
    provides the ability to use all available options when creating (or "adding") a script.
  • scriptblock.interact.option.OptionTag
    provides the ability to only use the mentioned Option when creating (or "adding") a script. ( Replace "OptionName" by the option tag you want. Take a look to the Option Page at the desired option to have the related Tag. )
    • exemple: "scriptblock.interact.option.bypass_group" will allow the user to only use the "@bypassGROUP: " option.

Note that for some Option, you can also define permissions for the option parameters ! in this case it would be the group name . See next chapter to have more informations.

  • scriptblock.interact.modify.*
    Provides the permission to add, remove, replace, view... all already bound "interact" script, even if you're not the creator of the script.
  • scriptblock.interact.modify.CommandType.*
    Provides the permission to remove, add, replace or view all already bound "interact" scripts even if you're not the owner of the script, just replace "CommandType" by the type of command you want to have full the access (add, remove, create or view ) exemple:"scriptblock.interact.modify.remove" will let you remove any scripts thats exist while using the remove commands.
  • scriptblock.interact.modify.CommandType.GroupName
    Replace "GroupName" by name of the group you want to give modify access ! exemple: "scriptblock.interact.modify.remove.newbies" will let anyone that have this permission node to remove scripts that was created by a player member of the "newbies" Group AND ONLY thoses ones ! It means that, if it's a script created by a member of the "VIP" group or any other groups, the owner of this permission node won't be able to remove it !

Nodes for Option parameters

  • scriptblock.interact.option.bypass_group.NameOfTheGroup
    Provides permission to the user to use and ONLY USE the "@bypassGROUP:NameOfTheGroup" option ! Great for admins who want to let some moderators the ability to create scripts without having them bypassing the Admin permissions !
    Provides permission to the user to only use the "@group:GroupName" option ! it means that it won't work with another group name !
  • scriptblock.interact.option.perm_add.PermissionName
    Provides permission to the owner of this node to use the "@permADD:PermissionName" option and that's all, if he write another permission that is design in the node, he won't be able to bind his script !

It works the same for all of those Option : bypass_group, bypass_perm, perm_add, perm_remove, group_add, group_remove, group, itemcost, permission .

Walk Triggered Script

  • All of this nodes also works with "Walk triggered script" ! just replace "interact" in your nodes by "walk" . exemple: "scriptblock.walk.option.itemcost"


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